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*PG-13* Dolce Vita Photo Session

Disclaimer: This image gallery contains lingerie and implied nudity. While they may not be pornographic or sexual in nature, they are not appropriate for younger readers.  41 more words


It's a colourful world ♡

This mornings view on the drive to work was a beautiful start to the day.

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তোমার বুকে

ফিরে যদি আসি তবে ফিরব তোমার বুকে ।
স্নেহচ্ছায়ে দুজনে মিলে বাঁধব যে ঘর সুখে ।।
স্বপ্ন যদি ভাঙে আবার ভরে ভুবন দুখে ।
আশা দিয়ে সেচবো টুকরো ফুটবে হাসি মুখে ।।
আঁধার গ্রাসের গ্রহন মুছে জ্বালিয়ে দেব বাতি ।
সুখের দুখের পালাবদলে হব তোমার সাথি ।।
দিন অবসানে যদি আসো ফিরে সাঁঝে ।
লুকচুরি খেলব সাথী শত তারার মাঝে ।।

উজ্জয়িনি পাল

My Photography

Ami Aschhi

The day when Devi Durga is believed to have descended on earth is known as Mahalaya. This is an auspicious occasion observed seven days before the Durga Puja and the Goddess is invoked to descend on earth to annihilate all evils. 203 more words

My Photography

Unit 6 task 1 annotated final images

For this shoot i started of wondering about ideas involving apples and an apple pie.i went to the market and pound bakery and bought apples and an apple pie.I Then put some ideas down (which I will put on my blog later) and i asked another students about what they thought where good to shoot.I asked Lindsey from another group if she could put down what she liked  and she then talked about an idea she had i had a think about it and liked the plan so we then set together to sort the shoot out,she helped me set up and i then made some adjustments and started taking photos this one and the one below are the best out of the shoot and are edited on photo shop.for this picture i grayscale it on photoshop. 275 more words

Unit 6

Unit 6 task 1 fruit presentation

These photos where all took by me. The shot of the apples under the tree was shot using a medium format camera at corporation park.This was all put together on Friday the 30th of January 2015. 45 more words

Unit 6

Skelly Family | Maternity

Here is Cody, Jeannine and Kate – awaiting the arrival of their new baby boy! We were grateful to have a break in the rain to take these maternity photos at Bright Angel Park. 33 more words

My Photography