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All Walks Of Life: Conversations with Rance Nix

Rance Nix is one of the most uplifting and coolest people I’ve ever met. Rance is one of the most popular guys in the city of Athens and on UGA’s campus–And now, I know why. 44 more words


All Walks Of Life: Author Miles McClellan

Miles McClellan is the author of Vigil of the Ageless, and he is a pretty interesting guy. We talked about being an author, the writing process, coming up with themes and plots, writers and books that inspired him, religious themes in the book, Vigil of the Ageless and the sequel. 14 more words


All Walks Of Life: Conversations with a Catholic Priest, Father David

I had a great conversation with Father David, a Catholic priest at the Catholic Center on the campus of the University of Georgia. We talked about being a priest, campus ministry, the pope, praying to saints, exorcisms, Saved by Grace or by Works, confessionals, and my 10 intriguing questions. 6 more words