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New song….Just kinda got a real feel to it in a kinda losing something that i’ve held on to and the nothingness…absence felt as two walk their separate ways..kinda a fun cool song musically to make…kinda sad to sit with though!


The Queen and King of Hearts

When (romantic) love isn’t in our lives, it’s on the way. If you know that a special guest is coming at five o’clock, do you spend the day messing up the home? 533 more words


Dear Blog

My dear blog,

Its Eid tomorrow. I am so far from home and family. It makes me sad to think that I wont be with them on Eid. 69 more words

My Poems

A Photograph's Worth

delicately sifting through black and white history,

I was captivated by a portrait

faded by time’s tenacity.


I studied this photo intently,

cherishing its essence. 164 more words


Gifts of God

roused by the unfolding of dawn
which divulges waking pastel skies,
they bathe their bare bones in the heart of the meadow
entwined in each other during the wine of daylight… 94 more words



the old cedar guitar                                      chords are gracefully strummed

 and its six loose strings                             with the external beauty disregarded

hide in the still corner                                 exuding soulful resonance… 39 more words


Haiti (February 2010)

The sweet ballad of a nightingale slips through the window

     as dawn’s determination inhales the bottle glass dreams of my slumber

Dandelion seeds parachute gently through stray shafts of sunlight… 122 more words