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A new page I created to post my reviews. If you have a request, I will not only post it on specific sites, but also this facebook page and share it, along with the link. 20 more words

My Poetry

A Better Class of Misery

A better class of misery

I ain’t working for you
I ain’t working for me
I ain’t working for this poverty

No I am working for a better… 122 more words

My Poetry

Cain Slew Another ...

Cain slew Abel with malice in his heart
Brewing and stewing death in a brother
In a back alley way waiting his chance
Blood was spilled and life was gone… 117 more words

My Poetry

love making memories

I still remember the delicate intricacies of your face as you lay positioned on top, looking crazed at the sight of my gaze. a sexual subject impossible to be taught, images like these, they remain engraved unashamed in my thoughts, wether you wish for them back is irrelevant, as i’ve stored them away with intentions un malevolent, in the deepest parts of me and they’ll never be bought, by any soul; between you & I


Tardy Unexcused

Tardy Unexcused
David Patteson, 2013

He walks into class, late, no pass
Shakes his still wet hair
And slumps into his seat.
Just transferred in… 75 more words

Moving In

Fan Apartment
Dave Patteson, 2014

I help you move your mattress
The one your dog gave birth on
We have to push it out the window… 89 more words



David Patteson

I wish I could wish it away

To put it on a snowflake

And let it fall

A white, wingless angel

Falling from Heaven… 9 more words