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Pat's Barn Chat! The New Bigly Dood!

Dear friends,

Mom shared some thoughts on our new horse, meet Butch, Bigly Dood number 2! Mom and Jordan are so delighted to have found him! 431 more words

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It's Teaser Tuesday Again!

Tears streaming down the tall blonds cheeks, she tried to scream through the duct tape that covered her mouth.  Her arms stretched out before her, wrists taped together with a nylon rope connecting her to Michael. 126 more words

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October 2014, "Print the Legend", a time capsule of a new technology

Had an interesting experience watching the Netflix exclusive video called, “Print the Legend.” The story centers on the interweaving of people from Makerbot, DevCon, 3D Systems, and Formlab. 210 more words

American Samoa and Minimum Wage

When discussing the issue of minimum wage in our country, we often think only of the fifty mainland states. However, American territories are often overlooked when it comes to topics such as federal wage. 255 more words

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