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To Every Law Abiding Citizen

First, I apologize for breaking my challenge before the end of the year but today has proved too much for me to keep my mouth shut and my fingers still. 384 more words

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Holding Hands and Smooches

Do you ever get just a little tired of the characters in novels? The women are always perfect. Tall, slender, wonderful round full breast, full enticing lips, big round eyes, long full hair and it goes on and on.  345 more words

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UFOs and Elvis

Last night I was standing out in the backyard  looking at the beautiful Arizona sky, the abundance of stars taking my breath.  So close to everything in a big city and yet I live in a small horse community where street lights are  a mile away.  243 more words



When you receive exceptional service from a waitress or waiter, do you leave a tip? I bet that even if the server is not on their game that day or just someone who should look for another occupation, you still leave a tip. 99 more words

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