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Time Management 'Plan of Attack' - Bullet Journal

This week I was able to write up my own bullet journal. I hope to find it helpful in helping me both plan month to month as well as daily journaling and collections of information.

Online Task

Actual, real tips for writing with a baby

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post, in which I live-blogged a day of trying to write with a baby. I realized, as I read through the post, that although I complained about not being able to find helpful hints about writing with a young child in the articles I’ve read, I didn’t actually include any of my own. 393 more words


Writing with a four-month-old: a live-blogging experiment

Today I’m trying something new. I am live-blogging my attempt to write while home alone with a baby. I’ve read a few things about tactics for writing with a young child, and those articles were not terribly helpful.  947 more words


Day Forty-One: In Which I Make An Agent List

Finally, the post where I talk about my list of agents!

I took a break from plotting out MysteryNovelSequel (some might say this is a bit early; pshaw, I say!) to make a little post about how I’m going about sorting through this whole agent business. 747 more words

The Editing/Publishing Journey

Actualizing the Series

I just finished rendering the artwork for The Actuator 1.5: Borderlands Anthology. This is the artwork for my short story in the collection. I’m really happy with it. 150 more words

Author Works

Blog Update: Personal Update

 Hey fellow bloggers and followers! As you may have noticed I haven’t been here in my blog a lot. It’s summer and I have had the time of my life jeje :P. 82 more words