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Diy Facial Wipes

If you’re anything like me, at the end of a long day, coming home from a social event, you don’t feel like doing anything but crawling into bed and visiting dream land. 389 more words

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Remember Occupy

I’m taking the time to start a documentary series on Occupy Wall St. One of the biggest movements of American culture, and one that was quickly swept under the rug. 76 more words

My Projects

Week 4 Reflections.

Week 4. Reflections, I guess it does sound easy especially with another week of wet weather days and puddles everywhere. As it must have interest in the reflection and not just sky/clouds or something else random I tried to not rely on this idea alone. 142 more words

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Automatic Analog Layout Generation

Design Environment: Mentor Graphics
Language: Perl
OS: Unix

An algorithm is developed for designing an automatic Op-amp layout generation by using scripting language. The layout of the two-stage Op-amp will automatically draw out in the Mentor Graphics IC station by inserting the essential data. 42 more words

My Projects

I've just spent a very enjoyable 4 hours on an Annie Sloan Painting course...

I do not think that any piece of furniture will now be safe from painting, distressing, waxing or gilding!