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And Back to The Blue

Doesn’t it suck,┬ájust after 9 days from my “Is This The Default Happiness” post, I have started to feel bad again. But it was a long run. 589 more words


7 Days Of Thought On The Wall

3 per cent after 300 days? Must make a bigger difference than what he’s asking everyone to believe, or it’s really as small as he wants everyone to believe? 36 more words


Stuffed Animals to All Adults Campaign

This post is coming from on top of my head at the moment. Recently I purchased a big stuffed elephant from IKEA (I will place it in the corner of a room so I will have “the elephant in the room” *grinn*) and I’m hugging it since. 564 more words


25 Days Of Thought On The Wall

Is this thought experiment about knowledge? Does it ask some questions regarding intelligence?

Usha is now the comback-queen. It must feel great to know ‘everything’. 78 more words