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Hey everybody! Myself and my friend JulieAnn have started our own business! After months of talking, designing, figuring details out and such, we are proud to give you… 53 more words

My Rambles

Songs of Summer Blog Hop

Hi there! Time for a little fun with the sun.

Like many, I’m an audiophile. When I’m in the car alone I tend to max the volume…so I joined the… 481 more words

My Rambles

my new WP theme ;)

i decided to change my wp theme today. i like the simple and clean look of it, and it kind of reminds me with typical tumblr’s page looks (which i like, obviously). 10 more words


Exams, Lunch and First Vlog!

The day has finally come and gone (almost)! Yesterday I sat my one and only exam, Media Communications IIA, which is essentially the study of media theory. 272 more words


Rejects (Throwback Thursday)

I don’t know if anyone remembers, way back in 2010, when everyone (and by everyone I mean 15-year-olds,) were obsessed with the music shuffle game (does it even have an official name?). 368 more words

My Rambles

The Pig Hotel - near Bath. Gluten Free Restaurant Review

It was a last minute decision to indulge… and after having dreamt many times over on the The Pig Hotel website, going through to the end of the booking system process only to finally realise, no- Sarah you have a house to pay for, you cannot simply book weekends away to the New Forest on a whim! 666 more words

Gluten Free

I swear I have not forgotten about this  blog. Life though has thrown me multiple curve balls since my birthday. My grandma broke both arms, had surgery on both, stayed in the hospital (that has half a hour to a hour and half away) for a month and has been home only a little over a month and my mom and I have been taking care of her. 56 more words

My Rambles