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A bug has bit me

This is not you average insect bit, ohh no. This is more of a concept, an ideal that has somehow burrowed it’s evil little teeth into my squishy flesh. 701 more words

My Ramblings

Energy drink review

As I wandered into the nearest convenience shop one late night filled with spooky scary deadlines, I was looking to fill my craving for nicotine and caffeine. 381 more words

My Ramblings

Could we be facing a shift in the way we consume gaming media?

I remember but a few years ago the excitement I felt at the end of the month, just patiently waiting and imagining what would be in the latest issue of my favourite gaming magazines. 484 more words

My Ramblings

Time to Stop Reacting

‘Wake up woman. You’re totally crazy. Fuck you. Fuck this. Goodbye.’

My 22 year old daughter sent me this email today.

Ouch .. hard being a mother and hearing that. 1,309 more words

My Ramblings

An Open Letter to my Husband

I know things are hard for you right now. I know life has been difficult for you and you don’t always know the right way to handle things. 632 more words

Loving & Losing

It's Been Quite a Journey

It’s been quite a journey getting here. As you probably remember, I haven’t published anything in about a month! Sometimes time is a limiting factor and I have been guilty of loosing time to post to this site. 278 more words


Letting Go of the Need to Control Outcomes

Hard Lessons

Whenever I learn something big, it takes a bit of head spinning first, a fair bit of confusion, low energy, gentle self care and some sleepless nights, but I’m finally there.. 250 more words