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Something To Celebrate

So one of the things we have been up to was visiting family.

We got to visit with some of the kiddos cousins we have not seen in a while :) 141 more words

My Ramblings

Morning Friend!

Today is: July 21

Outside is: AMAZING!!  Its already getting warm but the sky is beautiful and the birds are chirping while the big dog is chasing the ones that are flying down to the fountain for a drink. 435 more words

I went from zero...to my own hero!

I was running some errands yesterday and listening to the radio, having my own little karaoke fest in my car, when Katy Perry’s song, “Roar” came on. 245 more words


The Guilt of Saying "No"

It seems to have been a whirlwind of month so far with all the drama surrounding me. It’s not my drama but so much is happening in the lives of those around me and I feel I have done very well in not getting sucked up into the whirlwind although a tinge of guilt surrounds my success. 514 more words


The Cure for the Madness

Just how my awesome wife keeps me sane in a world of insanity and unbelievable acts of wonton evil and selfishness.

My Ramblings....

Codependency...What does it look like?

This morning I was asked if I could post about some of the characteristics of codependent people to help others understand a little more about codependency. 291 more words