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Losing Control

You haven’t lost control until you let go of something or someone you thought you had some control of at some point.

I think we think in life that when we give birth to someone that somehow until they are 18 they will do and say everything we have programmed them to say and do! 116 more words

My Reality


Right so I was SOOOOO over being BROKE, I got a job. Now here is my reality:

There are seven days in a week = 7… 20 more words

My Reality


Living in a world full of constant pain, and feeling like I’ve died ’cause I lost my way, even now I hurt and feel a sudden surge, never have I yearned for a fire’s burn. 126 more words


Just Passing Through!

I would never forget how I would watch my mom go through life as if the darts and stumbling blocks never fazed her. She never sweat the small stuff, and the major things she’d laugh in its face while I looked on in fear or confusion. 309 more words

My Reality

I surrender to Your Will.

Sunshine eyes mesmerized by the sunrise,
no surprise why I’m feeling butterflies inside,
blood ties close enough to strengthen any family,
sipping sun tea while leaning back under a canopy. 178 more words


A Shadow's Reflection

At the start of a new day time holds still,
my heart is a ghost that a grave can’t kill,
I reach for the sky now I’m blinded for real, 119 more words


As I Yield To His Will

You can call me weak yet His strength is perfected,
in the darkest hours as I cry so alone and neglected.
This is who I am and for the moment it’s not so impressive, 136 more words