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Oh Monday, Monday


Yes, I know this is technically a My Geekdom post and today is Monday, but listen…

So my Monday consisted of waking up late, computers randomly restarting throughout the district, lack of inter-department communication, teachers not having enough access in their group policy to print, java randomly failing, and me not having any pain killers to dull my senses. 9 more words


Has killed my reality

Spell my name
I said
And you couldn’t

Tell me what I need
And you had no idea

I asked you if you knew
But you were iffy… 76 more words

My Walk To My Heart.

My Professor, Dr. Hassan El-Nabih, Please Stay Well!

It was a very shocking moment when I saw the news about your injury, my Dr. Hassan El-Nabih, by a Israeli air-strike on your house that also led to the injury of some of your family members. 482 more words

My Reality

I Am A Teacher Of Life!

My name is Gaza. Do you see how beautiful I am?

Well, my beauty seems to make some haters feel jealous to the extent that makes them sacrifice their humanity and conscience to take from me all I have! 169 more words

My Reality

The Real Story #GazaUnderAttack

Once upon an era in the modern age, in the civilized world, almost 1.8 million people were living in their own land under a violently harsh siege; they were not allowed to live like the rest of the world. 796 more words

My Reality

Results, reflections and what it all means

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my experience with the gallium scan at Stanford and the procedure I had done. What I did not write about were the results and what it means for my future. 714 more words

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