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It’s only been a month and a half into my college life and I feel like giving up and throwing everything I have away. I’m so done with this!

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My Reality


Somewhere down the line I stopped listening to myself. And believed what I was told instead. I heard the lie, and I repeated it to myself so many times, the boundaries between truth and false intwined. Homogeneously.
-Mary Wandera


To Live Forever or to Die Forever

Created from the Earth’s body already corrupted, the choice to live or to die forever not discussed, when every single person man woman or child, soul’s created eternal just make a choice then the denial. 233 more words


STFU and Listen

…because nothing is so important that you can’t do this and life is too damn short.

A few weeks ago¬†as I sorted through my email and Facebook notifications, which can sometimes take me a couple of hours if work has been busy as fuck like it’s been for several weeks, a message popped up from an old high school friend. 589 more words


Oh Monday, Monday


Yes, I know this is technically a My Geekdom post and today is Monday, but listen…

So my Monday consisted of waking up late, computers randomly restarting throughout the district, lack of inter-department communication, teachers not having enough access in their group policy to print, java randomly failing, and me not having any pain killers to dull my senses. 9 more words


Has killed my reality

Spell my name
I said
And you couldn’t

Tell me what I need
And you had no idea

I asked you if you knew
But you were iffy… 76 more words

My Walk To My Heart.