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In which an Internet Date Overstays His Welcome

So far I have posted twice about this same event.  I had a before and what I thought at the time was an after. A nice, post-weekend summary. 514 more words


Not Murdered, or: A Good Weekend

Guys, I haven’t been murdered. The internet guy flew in for the weekend, and now it’s Monday and I am safe and sound in my office. 2,011 more words


Uncharted Waters, or: It Might be Nothing

Just so you know, I might be getting murdered this weekend.  Consider this the newest entry into the chronicles of my online dating adventures. Oh, right, I haven’t actually told you any of those stories yet – remind me to go back and do that later. 840 more words


The Perfect One Night Stand

Let me tell you the story of the perfect one night stand. Now I’ve had my share, believe me, and this one takes the cake as a perfectly encapsulated night. 725 more words


An Introduction, or: Losing My Virginity

Out of all my friends, I’m always the one with the crazy stories. People start conversations with me by asking about my sex life. Not to say that I mind. 1,562 more words


Naked Party with the DJ in Miami now free in Kindle Unlimited or just .99 cents!

For those of you who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, Naked Party with the DJ in Miami is now available for you to check out along with thousands of other great books.  328 more words