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If Only a poem by Jasmine G.


If Only

In the dusk of an autumn day,
as the sun kissed the earth, “Good-night!”
while the stars gleamed in the skies,
and the moon shimmered in its silvery light. 216 more words
Awesome Random Junk!!:D

Eighteen Inches by Jasmine G. --- edited by Joshua J.

     In a land unknown to mankind, in a time that is not the past, the future, or the present, there once lived an overlord. But the queen was ill. 1,158 more words

My Thoughts On Stuff

Trouble (3rd Grade - 3/27/14)

‘’Wake up, wake up!’’ Mark shook Lily hard. She glanced up to look at the time. It said 4am. “Let’s play baseball while we have time”, Mark said. 357 more words

My Short Stories

What My Teacher (Mrs. Hope) Does When No one Is Looking (3rd Grade - 6/3/14)

You might think or see that she is an ordinary teacher but, you’ve never seen what she does when no one is looking…

On Monday afternoons, Mrs. 76 more words

My Short Stories

The mist part 2.

Marie’s eyes slowly opened, the heat warm against her pale skin. the brightness of the fire blinded her just enough for her to wince and rub her eyes, she opened her eyes as they slowly adjusted to the light. 336 more words

My Short Stories.

The Phantom

As Marie stood there, her cold white hands hands gripping the ice cold mask of the phantom. All She could do was call out into the mist covered forrest, waiting for her savior to come back and keep her safe. 186 more words

My Short Stories.

There By My Side

‘D’you – d’you think he’s OK?’ Ron asked quietly, nodding over at the door to the boys’ dormitory.

Hermione shook her head. ‘He’s hardly ever been this quiet, except after meeting Dementors.’ She hesitated, then said, ‘We shouldn’t leave him alone.’ She turned her attention back to her mountain of homework, but Ron kept on talking.

My Short Stories