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Worlds Apart

Navy blue suit, dark grey tie and his neat hair the darkest black
Loose yellow dress, messy brown hair; she was on another track
A resume at the tip of his lips, supposedly an impressive smack… 212 more words


In Retrospect - Part 3: The Threshold

It had been the understanding beyond words that had compelled Ron and Hermione to follow Harry out of the Great Hall a week after the final battle. 784 more words

My Short Stories

In Retrospect - Part 2: Wishful Thinking

It was the sound of Hermione’s gentle footfalls that jolted Harry out of his half-sleep. Jerking upright, he tried to make it look as though he was alert as he should have been. 684 more words

My Short Stories

In Retrospect - Part 1: Abandoned

Harry had woken, that morning after, with the foolish idea that if he kept his eyes shut and refused to face the music, then Ron would still be in the tent with him and Hermione. 842 more words

My Short Stories

The Grumpy Beast of our Humble Farm

While my family and I lived on the farm, we had an abundance of animals. Horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, fish, dogs, and children.


Anywhoo, amongst those animals there was always that one… Grump. 513 more words

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Leanne Cole's Still Life Breakfast Tea

As this is such a busy month and I’m so scattered these days -this is short and sweet (100 word challenge) but here it is  for… 116 more words

Short Stories

The Pursuit of Passion (Short Story)

Jamie stared blankly at the pill in his hand. He had no idea how it had come to this. All he wanted was to draw a comic book concept for submission to this dumb competition. 3,929 more words

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