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My thoughts on: Destiny/ A look at games in general

So Destiny came out today… And personally it looks like a masterpiece. Almost as if Mass Effect type biotics and Halo everything else which sounds epic but. 113 more words

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My Thoughts On: Swatting

Let me tell you a story, okay?

Okay (as you can tell, I love TFIOS).

Once upon a time. there was a jerk who called himself ScrewPain on the interwebs. 558 more words

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The Character in the Character...

I was having a lengthy conversation with my agent/headhunter and we briefly discussed one of my game designs and the characters I created.  He liked the narrative and thought the overall idea was decent but as I wrapped up the description of the depth of their world and how they all interacted he pulled up an existing story with images and said to me, “I hope and pray that your characters don’t look like this.”  They didn’t, but the concept art, the time period and other nuances I had in mind weren’t too far away.   449 more words

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Rest In Piece

Life has propelled me into a new chapter of my life at such a break-neck speed that I haven’t had the chance to really slow down to let the woes of the world catch up to me. 267 more words


My Thoughts On: Designing Outside The Box

*In this class discussion, we were to comment and debate the validity (or insanity) of renowned author (The Art of Game Design) and Game Designer Jesse Schell as he spoke at Dice 2010.   763 more words

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My Thoughts On: Game Scope

December 3, 2013

In my years of experience as a composer, music producer, mixer and sound designer I believe I started off in the “Later” tier of “scoping” when it came to delivering a finished product, whether it was for my production team at the time or for a client. 680 more words

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My Thoughts on Return Of Kings

You know we’re starting off strong when we talk about these guys. If you don’t know what this site is, let me give you a snippit of their about section (boldface is me): 297 more words

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