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What Drives You Crazy About Modern Life?

Modern life drives me bonkers! Watch Steve Martin lose the plot about the ridiculousness of his stressful situation. P.S If you have sensitive ears, he does swear (a lot) in this clip, but it’s truly comical…even the nicest guy can go loco. 539 more words

Alana Munro

What Will Be, Will Be :)


Is it a feeling or emotion or just an indescribable sensation? The butterflies and giggles and the hours spent staring at your phone. That was a give away huh?…you know what this is all about now. 1,067 more words


Jazz In Odd Meters - Standards in 5/4 Time (Continued)

(Also check out Standards in 5/4 Time part one, and Standards in 7/4 Time)

So I was recently checking out Tim Warfield’s recording of “I Remember You” from his 2013 record  461 more words

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Last First Day of High School

So tomorrow is my first day of senior year, and my last first day of school in high school. And you know what? I’m scared. Not for the year itself, not the AP classes I’ve piled on, new teachers that never give a’s, college applications to schools that will never accept me, and all of that. 329 more words

Be You

Tonight's Quote and Thoughts

This is a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt (from thoughtful-mind):

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. 534 more words

My Thoughts

What changed?

We spoke all day everyday…..what changed?

We dreamt about the future we were going to have….what changed?

We looked forward to each other’s company….what changed? 71 more words



It is pathetic that people can TAKE so freely of you but have a major problem GIVING 


Okay so this has been ping ponging around my brain for the past two days and it won’t go away so maybe writing about it will help me feel better. 523 more words

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