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Writing Prompts

Yes, so this is technically Saturday, but lets just keep that between us, shall we? ;)

Sometimes I feel the desire to start writing, but I can’t think of anything that inspires me. 356 more words

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How I understand myself

I’d like to dedicate some time to understand myself.

The way I like to act and see myself are extremely different from how others see me. 602 more words

My Thoughts

Too much homework: Why not be nice to us?

How many times have you had several tests to study for and pages of homework to do all in one night?¬†How many times have you had to stay up until ungodly hours of the night, doing piles upon piles upon piles of Calculus and Physics and Chemistry and Biology and English Literature and Macroeconomics and Psychology Statistics and World History and and and… Sorry, I forgot what I was talking about, too much homework! 615 more words


Night's Like These

‘ It’s Friday.’ I think. ‘ I should be doing something.’ Maybe, I’m just past this phase of having to go out Friday night or maybe I just don’t care. 423 more words

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I think I see a bunny rabbit~Yep I sure do!

Bling I thought of you when Angel spotted a bunny rabbit at 6 am this morning. I used my flash so you could get a look at her keen hunting skills! 57 more words

My Thoughts

Your Love Changed Me

I really was invisible when I came to WP! I know you don’t believe it but it simply is so! I love how your friendship builds me up on the inside and makes me believe in myself. 61 more words

My Thoughts