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A Prayer for Faith

Father, help me to trust you. You are calling me into deeper things than I’ve ever entered before and I’m terrified. I feel like I’m jumping off the biggest cliff and this time there’s no safety net. 161 more words


I miss uuu… – with Ayu at G. H. Universal Hotel Bandung

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You are funny dad ;) – with Ayu at G. H. Universal Hotel Bandung

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The Need for a Radical Change in Thinking

The world is constantly changing, and we now find ourselves firmly in the information age. The industrial age has now passed, however people’s thinking has not, neither has the education system. 951 more words

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Lulus 100%

Target lulus 100%.
Eemm…Ok. but, why everything should be calculated, considered by numbers??

Menurutku, jauh lebih penting adalah target anak2 lulus dengan bawa ilmu, bawa pemahaman, mengerti apa yg selama ini di pelajari di sekolah. 239 more words

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Hari Ibu Kita Kartini

Stiap tahun tgl 21 apr slalu bingung sebenarnya.

Saat org heboh rayain Kartini-an, smakin pengen tau: sebenarnya apa sih tindakan konkrit & nyata Kartini utk perempuan Indonesia? 114 more words

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Well Deep Wednesday-Introduction & Wishing


Today I was going to do a book review but realised I couldn’t write it with out giving away a lot. So, I thought I’d introduced my new idea of…’Well Deep Wednesdays’! 854 more words