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Time to say goodbye to Willie...

At least until the next time we see him… which shouldn’t be too long…

There is nothing like sitting on the floor and playing with a kid, is there? 523 more words

Stories Of My Life

My Mexican Vacation!

This past week I was fortunate enough to spend time with my family in Cancun, Mexico.  We stayed at the all inclusive Royal Sands Resort… 65 more words


We are almost done with the pictures of my latest trip to the Bay Area...

Right below the house Robin Williams used to live in is a lovely beach…

And it had a nice view of the Golden Gate bridge. I know this looks like other pictures of the bridge I have posted, but it isn’t, because this beach is sort of in-between some of those other places I have taken pictures from. 123 more words


Day Trip to Schloss Benrath

1 July 2014

On our second full day in Dusseldorf we decided to try our luck with the public transport, so headed out to Schloss Benrath to have a lunch and a walk around the gardens. 224 more words


And speaking of big houses... this is where Robin Williams used to live...

While we were walking around San Francisco trying to get Willie to fall asleep in his stroller, we passed this house. Robin Williams used to live here… or he still did… sometimes… it is a little confusing. 171 more words


Rich people live in big houses... just sayin'...

We took a walk around San Francisco. Willie wasn’t buying the whole ‘nap’ idea, so we did an old parenting trick and walked him in his stroller until he passed out. 56 more words


San Francisco, dogs, crack squirrels and a Swedish chef... oh my...

After Willie’s birthday party in the park, we went back to their house in the city. We made a quick stop at a market in this quaint little neighborhood… 292 more words