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Real Talk Relationships

If you feel like 2nd priority in the relationship, you are. You have to begin to go with what you feel. You should be 1st priority and feel like you are first priority. 11 more words


Real Talk Relationships

One minute you are in this relationship and you are like this is my soul-mate. While you are so focused on the little things that are right about it, you are in a whole lot of denial about what is wrong with it.


Fighting The Current

The unspoken words, their stench lingers, like rotting trash, like off meat.

And in every word you do say, I can smell all those that you don’t. 40 more words


A letter to my brother's wife

I will never call her my sister-in-law as I do not consider her family and never will. I’ve also been working on a letter to my brother but it’s in the very beginning stages. 996 more words


Stand up for me

I keep thinking, feeling and saying, “I just want someone to stand up for me.” I’m 38, at this point in my life I have amazing, wonderful, brave friends who have and will stand up for me. 146 more words


The Other Side Of The Clouds

Every day they will scream at you

This is how you should do it

And it will get louder and cloud you if you let it… 24 more words