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Stop asking me why I never told.

Asking me why I never told tells me one thing, somehow, in someway you think it’s my fault. That if I, the victim, had just said something I could have saved myself. 1,379 more words

My Truth

"Songs are people's emotional tool kits." -Peter Gabriel

Over the past six months I have grieved to a place I didn’t know I could go.  The flood of emotions that has overwhelmed me has been more than I thought I could bear. 2,061 more words


Change of Pace

As I look back over the last days since my last writing, there are a few things that come to my attention for me to think about. 625 more words


Five Things I Know To Be True: Hong Kong Edtion // September 2014

This morning, I woke up feeling very over the whole study abroad experience…I was just really tired of not being able to drink tap water without gagging, and also I was getting pretty homesick.   605 more words


My voice

Alas, I have decided it’s time to use my voice. No more silence, no more stuffing it down. It’s time to tell my truth.

First, a little back history. 669 more words


A Kiss

A kiss has only one translation…its not different in any country. For some a kiss may be a declaration of love, for others just a sign of respect. 61 more words