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Marvel comics now has a female Thor


On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Marvel revealed a bombshell: Its new “Thor” series will star not a male god of Thunder, but a female one. 126 more words

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Have you been botted?

Last week, one of my computers went south on me.

It was my own fault, as I ventured into areas of the Internet I KNEW were hazardous.  256 more words

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Please help

Today is “Moon Day” – the 45th anniversary of the moon landing.

More importantly, it is also the 43rd anniversary of our son Sean’s birth! 516 more words

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A World Gone Mad

Like millions of people the world over I am shocked and abhorred by recent events in Ukraine, events that have culminated in the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17. 242 more words

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English Language - Nonsense

As more people around the world become multilingual it has made me think twice. I did study German for five years at high school, and French for a very short while in primary school, but I would not call myself multilingual. 356 more words

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Really, truly, scared!

From time-to-time, I take an 84-year-old widow on errands and to lunch.  The last couple of weeks have given me nightmares worrying about my 2006 Chevy Cobalt catching fire with her in it.  325 more words

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Can YOU translate?

My early schooling was multi-lingual.  I even understood the concept of searching for Latin roots in foreign words.

Unfortunately, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”  As I get senior, I can barely speak American English. 57 more words

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