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Ya Allah, whoever is behind this madness, killing of innocent lives and destruction of properties, no matter how high or low, how powerful or strong, Muslims, Christians or pagans, Northerners or Southerners, no matter their political allegiance or tribe, Ya Allah fish them out, expose them, destroy them, humiliate them… 11 more words

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Lousy Employers: The boss isn't always right!

What’s the worst thing an employee may experience? A. A typically demanding corporate culture with squeezing deadlines. B. A boss/ senior/ head/ manager who emanates arrogance! 722 more words

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Rise of the One Percent

An insightful talk about the concerning growth of global income inequalities.

See the video here.


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More Thoughts: LGBTQQIA

What is gay?

Gay as in homosexual, including lesbian.

At this point I’m too fired up to type everything out, so I’m just going to use the general term. 624 more words

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Teenage, the period of our life from the age of 13 to 19 . Everybody goes through innumerable changes during this stage of life. Technically it is the Adolescence but since majority of the changes, mental and physical, occur in the teens that is what the popular term is. 636 more words


Jal - a Picturesque Portrayal of the Paradoxical Indian Society

Jal is set in the bleak, barren and desolated deserts of the Rann of Kutch. It narrates the story of Bakka, a water diviner who is gifted with a special ability to find water in the desert. 456 more words

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Conspiracy much?

MAH 370. Malaysian Airlines Heavy 3-7-0. A jetliner lost somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

This plane has launched more conspiracy theories than anything since 9/11. Well, leaving aside the whole ‘lizard people are running the media’ thing, at least. 252 more words

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