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"making" a test

I am now writing a textbook for the prep school I’m working at. ┬áThis book will be used for the novice – intermediate ┬álearners of English (high school freshmen) with or without an intent to take TOEFL in the future. 428 more words

My Work


During the summer break, I’ve continued experimenting with metal oxidisation and its uncontrollable effects. It’s currently a case of trail and error, but occasionally something’s turn out well!



So I just got through having to “digitize” my artwork for a site that I plan on selling some of the pieces on. You’ll notice the original and the digitally cleaned up copy or whatever you want to call it. 76 more words

My Work MUST

Today, after being inspired by Dale Partridge (Founder of Sevenly) Monthly Income Expense’s laid out for all to see, he talked about 5 things that are non-negotiable for his work in his June report. 109 more words


Icelander's Have A Taste For Rotten Shark

Fancy reading about a rank Icelandic delicacy? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Head on over here to the New Heroes & Pioneers to read my latest published article. 32 more words

My Work

Depression/ Breakfast with Dianne

Depression was bright sunlight glancing off of white walls, white light bouncing off bright walls, cold soup, cold porridge, cold oatmeal, warm juice. While hiding under fleece blankets, hearing plucking notes, noticing them even like the small currents of texture darkening the wood bench at the foot of the bed. 215 more words

Breton Pearls

This is my most recent photographic portrait performance piece, ‘Breton Pearls’, part of my early 20th century series.

‘Breton Pearls’, 2014.

This piece is loosely gathered from photographs of women in the 1920s and 1930s wearing big strings of pearls and Breton stripes. 29 more words

My Work