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Draft audio story

I had trouble initially thinking of a good story to tell. I tried to consider everything that had happened in my life that could possibly relate to my topic. 226 more words

My Work

What's The Book Order of the LOVE in the USA Series?

You ask???

So after talking about the series today, I realized that the elaborate way I wrote the books in the series can be quite confusing. 191 more words

MY Work

Autumn Styling in the Dining Room

I visited a client this morning who is in the midst of renovations, and got to see a lot of great progress (and troubleshoot a couple of questionable painting crew “decisions” while there was still time to make right – phew!). 350 more words


Swinging Diamonds

Swinging diamonds dancing big as the ritz. California novembers. November elections. Reflex reflections and pro lambada leaflets. Failure felt like invisibility in existence. Inexistence unexistent stemming rose buds at end now roses now megan graces now hillary graces madonna madonna now paris graces. 450 more words

Short Pieces

Lindas Corner

sun shimmering shining special silver something something searching seeing something saving sheets of spectacular light something something about it simply a soul saving grace and the grower of healthy humanity meaning beautiful asses wide hips long glossy repslendent hear quaint toes crunching into sand shakes and waves fresh fountains. 100 more words

Short Pieces

Poem: Movement Mothers

Here’s one of the pieces I’ll be sharing at the Oregon State Penitentiary when I go to read there tomorrow.

Movement Mothers
Not so long ago they lit us on fire for who we loved, visibility and invisibility doing damage differently: hateful looks end with murdered teens tied to fence-posts, sweet bois and grrls beaten, children taken from us too soon, the bully’s hand manifest in the making of nooses, the loading of guns. 80 more words