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Music for Motivation

The key to a  great gym work out is to stay motivated! I know from personal experience that when I have fun, fast paced music playing on my ipod I stay I am in the gym zone, and I can push myself a little harder, which is how we get results! 41 more words


Leg dayyyyyyyyyyyy

Yesterday was my first day back on the workout grind in one week, and if you know me you know that  feels like an eternity! I picked back up on my 12 week guide and I was starting week 5! 190 more words


My workouts

As you guys have read, I have been blogging about my food a lot. To achieve a healthy weight loss that is sustainable, you have to incorporate three things: 340 more words


April - August 2014

I’m back with updates!

This is going to be one very very loooong post.
So I was offline for some time because I was pretty busy with school and learning German. 844 more words


Challenge Update!!

Starting week 2 of my 12 week challenge I has been rough. If you know me, than you know that I have a pretty strong will-power, and I don’t like to give up, but this week I was very tempted! 242 more words


My Current Challenge

So, this past week I have embarked on the 12 week Bikini Body Challenge from Kayla Itsines! I have to say, I have been doing resistance training and cardio on a daily basis for over two years, and her workouts have been kicking my butt! 253 more words