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Well, blow me down

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but I decided to stop talking about my CrossFit workouts on my blog. It’s boring. To me, it’s like brushing my teeth, but painful. 163 more words

My Workouts

Getting primal at the Scottish Games

I did the “stone lift” at the Scottish games today. Yes, that is just like it sounds: you lift the heaviest stone you can onto a chest-height podium. 54 more words

My Workouts

Starting to strength train

A common question which i get is how I started strength training/ how to start strength training.


I love strength training! It’s one of my passions in life.. 462 more words

My fitness/exercise goals

I often set up small exercise goals for myself to achieve… mainly because then you have something to really work on… or you know, in the back of your head that there is this goal you are working to reach. 240 more words

Just forget it

The essence of CrossFit is frustration. Today’s workout was some endless chipper I couldn’t finish in a week. It started with 100 pull ups. Yeah, right. 77 more words

My Workouts

My exercise/workouts

I thought i would write about my exercise and my workouts, however I wont write everything i do, i.e all exercises, reps, sets or weights. Mainly because its MY workouts. 918 more words

This is why I do CrossFit

Tyler and Joseph and I went to the park wtih two of their little friends and played some touch rugby. It struck me how coordinated my boys are, since their friends dropped everything thrown to them. 21 more words

My Children