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Cycle 2; Still Light

(Random thoughts on my training post.)

So onto cycle 2 my weights still seems so much lower than I feel they should be. So trying to remind myself that they will keep getting heavier each cycle, so I’m moving in the right direction. 456 more words


Reminder of Why We Do What We Do

Today, I am feeling a bit down, and this makes it hard for me to remember why it is that I live a healthy life, and why I exercise. 64 more words


Work it with Some Circuits

I haven’t been following Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guide on the regular, but for the past few weeks when I can’t find time to go to the gym, and I really need a good workout to squeeze in I take one that I have all the equipment for, and within about 30 mins I am sweating like a pig, and feeling amazingly accomplished! 106 more words


Full Body Circuit plus Deadlifts, Pull-ups, and a quick Row

In the second week of my new training program. Here are the details of strength training day two – a full body circuit plus deadlifts, pull-ups, and a quick row. 190 more words


Full Body Workout with Warmup, Cardio, and Kettlebell Circuit

Last week I started my new training program. Yay!

I summarized it in an earlier post, but I wanted to go into more detail on each of the workouts. 266 more words


Squats on Squats

The workout for today is legs and the core of my leg workouts are squats! There are so many amazing reasons why squatting is the best exercise, but instead of naming them all I think I will just show you because visuals are most of the time, more effective! 49 more words


New Training Program - Seven Day Workout Plan

This week I start my new training program. I’ve got a seven day workout plan from my trainer, and of course I’m full of enthusiasm looking forward to it. 278 more words

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