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13 minutes of pain

As I’ve mentioned, this week has been pretty bad in terms of work, so I’ve been trying to find workouts that don’t take too much time. 215 more words

My Workouts

Snow Day and Burpees

Skipped my workout yesterday due to work. With more work today and the pool closed due to the blizzard, I decided to do some burpees… 195 more words

My Workouts


I went paintballing for the first time last night. I told myself that it could probably count for a workout, what with the running around on-and-off for three hours. 235 more words

My Workouts

Spy Pond Morning Ride

A repost of an old one to deal with WordPress image size issues.

My original bike ride was in October 2014.

My Workouts

Swim workout: day 2 of speed

Went to the pool again yesterday to try to build speed. Didn’t manage to get much faster, but did my exercises. I did notice that my heart rate wasn’t always at the level I wanted (a bit over 160) — I found I was running out of breath before I was able to do that.   39 more words

My Workouts

Swim workout: building speed

Went to the pool last night and executed my plan for interval training.  Some observations:

1. I must have been fooling myself to think I could do 25 yards in 45 seconds continuously. 175 more words

My Workouts

Swim workout: Finalizing technique?

Had a bit of a breakthrough on my stroke technique today. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I tried getting my hand way out of the water, and keeping it out, until I had rotated my body to stretch it far forward, ready to enter again.   445 more words

My Workouts