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Entire Life: A Set of Documents

Isn’t your life a set of documents too? A file is created right at your birth- to store you ‘Date of Birth’ document, your medical documents, which keep on becoming a thicker file to maintain, provided your parents really feel the need to store all your documents from Day 1 of Year 1 and till they finally handover your documents to you at Age XX, when you finally bloom and fly. 331 more words

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My Motion Graphic - It's Done!

If you have accompanied me on this journey thus far, I am pleased to announce the completion of my motion graphic assignment!

Behold, the fruit of my labours (aka long hours on After Effects): 382 more words


kemuliaan kaum adam & hawa di rumah batik danar hadi

oleh galih sedayu

Salah satu destinasi wisata yang menjadi magnet bagi mata pelancong di Kota Solo adalah House of Danar Hadi. Kawasan ini merupakan sebuah komplek wisata budaya perihal kain tradisi Indonesia (batik) yang terletak di Jalan BrigJen Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta. 282 more words

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Yellowbook.com website rebuild, the site is nothing but a little bit heavy front-end UI work, all data come from services, which is obviously SOA (service-oriented architecture), it included “Single platform”, “Facebook”, “Twilio”, “Googal Map”, “IYP Search API”, “Skynet (IYP authentication API)”, “Type head(IYP keyword type intelligence API)”. 166 more words

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jaka balloeng | difable illustrator artist

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Image Crawler Service

Image Crawler is the service that allow you to crawl images from social platform by special rules, currently it support Foursquare , Instagram and Single Platform. 115 more words

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NaNoWriMo Update

More than two thirds of the way through November — seems like the perfect time for a NaNoWriMo update!

I’m failing miserably.

First, I started re-writing a fantasy story I’ve been playing around with for the past six years. 260 more words