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Lessons on heartbreak

As you know, I’m taking a writing workshop and so far it’s been really great. When I saw today’s prompt my heart dropped a little. 582 more words


My Story. . .

I’m in the midst of assessing all the scenes of the story’s outline. I’m finding out that I need to write either dialogue or transitional scenes–ugh!! 45 more words

My Writing

Il Bacio

Winter in Venice

The fog

The rain

The absolute solitude

The romance of its emptiness

The perfect place

To get lost with a lover

For a rendezvous with desire

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Vital Signs

Check my vital signs

Am I still here?

Wind can shake the

Tallest buildings

If their foundations

Aren’t up to the task

Yesterday I dreamt… 58 more words

Now Available: The Curse of Mnemosyne, Season of the Witch #7

New Year, New Season of the Witch volume!

In The Curse of Mnemosyne we follow Cerise Mooreland as she falls through a sea of memory from the day she learned to what Jack really was to the day of her fifth birthday where she met the mysterious Aine. 89 more words

Machine of loving grace

Born without hands, or the ability to speak, he was thought unable to understand because they could not understand him. He worked and studied and created ways for the world to hear him, and when he met her, he knew the machines of his invention would tear her rice paper skin. 46 more words


Somewhere Gentle Man


Gentle memories:

A smile,

A laugh,


Voice of your life.


Chance as natural as breath

Allowed our paths to cross,

And a few gentle words… 136 more words

My Writing