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Bend in the Road (Original Poem)

Written by Shalvia Verdell


All my life I’ve been thinking one way

Living and breathing one way

Then suddenly one day

I encounter a bend in the road… 62 more words


The Irish 1 - The Vikings Nil; Was Brian Boru a Benevolent High King or Terrible Tyrant?

Well, it’s Good Friday, and I couldn’t let the day go by without mentioning the Battle of Clontarf, now, could I? The chances are, if you live in Ireland, you’ll be sick of hearing about it by now. 973 more words

My Writing


I’ve been a bit of a slacker. I joined theĀ zero to hero blogging thingy and forgot about it. So here we are, four days into the event, and I’ve yet to actually do anything for it. 331 more words



Systems of stars and
moons, but my answers reside
in his bones and skin.April Daily Haiku Writing Challenge – Day 18

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The Drawing Room

I wrote this last night, after looking at photos of Tom Hiddleston dressed in period style for a film he is currently filming in Toronto. Unlike previous small writings like this, I don’t think I will broaden this story further–although, don’t quote me on that. 355 more words

My Writing

Foggy brains only create Mush
For words that go
And the afternoon only glistens
When the sound gets real low
It is the only time… 8 more words

Promises, I can't Keep.

Stop begging me
Love You
Because for how long

I don’t Know.