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a lesson in biology

According to Wikipedia, the human heart has four valves.
Of these four valves, two are atrioventricular and two are semilunar.
The atrioventricular valves are known as such because they sit between the heart’s atria and ventricles, controlling the flow of blood. 238 more words

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yet i have melted

yet i have melted,
twisted around the tongue like
a white sugar cube

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Never burn down your bridges, Pappy used to say that. Well, I didn’t burn them down per se, just lit a few kegs of gunpowder under them. 583 more words


The Dog

It was the eyes–the sad brown eyes. They were pleading, asking the woman for something. She stood in front of the dog and petted her. “It’s ok, baby. 87 more words

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That night lying on the wooden floor
while rain poured on the window pane
Our shadowy bodies
Touched, collided and nestled against
the coldness of the ground. 137 more words

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Excellent, wondrous news!

As I told you all a little while ago, August is slated to be a big month here at Pugh Towers, and, as promised, I deliver! 93 more words

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New Cover for My Crowd Psychology Book

I’ve given The Psychology of the Masses a new cover:

I think it looks better than the old cover:

I’m learning more about how to use… 13 more words

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