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Not the Only One

Angry with humanity?


Fond of things that frighten and disturb?

You bet!

Interested in analyzing dreams?


The only one?

No way!

My Poems

An eye for detail

I’ve been swapping chapters and talking story with some of the other historical fiction writers from Pitch Wars. One of them, Gwen C. Katz, drew this to illustrate a scene in the first chapter of my Victorian ghost story, … 191 more words

Writerly Ideas

some might say that they hate
the trails of color you leave everywhere
you walk – but

I like the way you stain the world… 60 more words


I’m writing a lot of shitty poetry lately

I’m sorry, I just can’t help it -

when I met you,

it was like your voice was a needle… 45 more words


Nothing Happens Here

That doesn’t happen there… This post makes more sense knowing I’m not in Seattle to write it:

Flirt with the cute bartender at the brewery. Tess. 229 more words

My Writing

Modeling, for me, is like acting. It’s not about me but the designer’s vision for his/her line. Whatever character I have to put on to get the job done, I will. 32 more words

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