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Today is the day!

My book ‘To Kill a President’ is free of charge for the next few days on the Kindle Store.

It is based on the assassination of JFK and lots of research went into the book.   101 more words


Not waving, but drowning

I have a problem. It’s one I’ve faced before and I’m sure I’ll face it again. But I’ve never experienced it in such a debilitating way before. 290 more words

My Writing

Throwback Thursday: Black Friday: A Zombie Story

Sorry for the delay. I got distracted by an iPad and art projects on Thrusday. And food and tv and art projects today.

For the first installment, see previous post. 2,021 more words

My Writing


I’m sad in a way I can’t understand
And this music playing
Makes it louder
And all the more harder
To comprehend
Please help me God… 24 more words

A Lesson Learned

Day 24, and if I’ve learned anything from writing some form of something every day is that it takes time. Time that I can manage to scrape together everyday, which is nice, but time none-the-less. 508 more words


New Book Series In Progress

I burned out completely by August with my Vampiress Hunter novel and got about 15 chapters done between August 10th and September 12th where I finally called it quits after writing the 100th chapter to the book trilogy. 482 more words

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Swinging Diamonds

Swinging diamonds dancing big as the ritz. California novembers. November elections. Reflex reflections and pro lambada leaflets. Failure felt like invisibility in existence. Inexistence unexistent stemming rose buds at end now roses now megan graces now hillary graces madonna madonna now paris graces. 450 more words

Short Pieces