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Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Beautiful Things (101-150)

Continuing from yesterday’s listing of 298 beautiful things about being alive today, in honor of those who died on Malaysian Airlines flight 17…

“101. Being able to sit up in bed and say, “Good morning” to myself this morning was a wonderful thing. 1,229 more words

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Writing Challenge

Happy Friday, Wit-Writs! Marissa is on vacation this week so please excuse the sparse posts! Now, however, it is time for a writing challenge! Today’s challenge is to write a scene or paragraph that begins with “She had only seen dead bodies in photographs.” I will post my own response to this below, but we really do want to hear from you all! 108 more words


Depression/ Breakfast with Dianne

Depression was bright sunlight glancing off of white walls, white light bouncing off bright walls, cold soup, cold porridge, cold oatmeal, warm juice. While hiding under fleece blankets, hearing plucking notes, noticing them even like the small currents of texture darkening the wood bench at the foot of the bed. 215 more words

Prompted: Choices, Choices -- Long way down

Yuu jumped to another grated walkway a floor below. Ill-prepared, she landed hard and cursed as her knees collided with metal. Hissing, she leaned forward against the pain from her knees and ribcage. 472 more words



One of my learnings as I’ve been writing and reading other authors’ work is the importance of subtlety.  Rather than spell out what has happened or what is going to happen, it is often better to imply and let the reader draw his/her own conclusions, or guess.  578 more words

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Flash Fiction Friday: My Freaky Cats

Mama was always a bit strange so it’s no wonder that her cat, Esme, a smoke-gray, yellow-eyed long hair, was also strange.  I brought Esme home with me the day before we went to clean out dear departed Mama’s house. 975 more words

Connie Cockrell

On My Birthday


we meet again each summer

always under the hottest sun


each reencounter brings reminders:

smells of chocolate frosting from a cake on a picnic table, 77 more words

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