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the morning star (2)

Love and sacrifices are only meant for mortals…

Those were fate’s plans for the prince. His aberrant behavior lead to something more than the insignificance of a dust speckle. 498 more words


Something I do that I’ve told people about but never showed them (with the exception of one) was writing song lyrics. I don’t know why I’ve never showed anybody, plenty of people have read my poetry and my short stories, but there’s just something different about my song lyrics.

562 more words


At a recent Tuesday evening Stammtisch, over at Track Town Pizza, where I get my weekly chance to listen and speak German, I had just explained, in German, the story behind our having a rather large number of house cats, all former strays. 1,176 more words



There was nothing to do but go on day to day. The men and the women were sharpening their swords. She had awakened once in the night to find the bed empty. 30 more words

She is Fire

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