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Seven Pieces of Prose

A couple of these I think of a prose-poems, but we’ll talk about that when we get to them.

I wrote parts of this in Y5, after looking at the opening passages of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas. 1,439 more words

Waiting for summer to wrap up

When you work as a staff writer in an area where the population doubles in the warmer months, summers are a hectic time filled with festivals, special tabs or assignments for special events, and just hectic deadlines that seem impossible to meet — yet somehow you manage them. 497 more words



(I’m posting The Gods Defense in parts again because I’ve changed a lot to accommodate turning it into a full length book, and I want to start posting the new parts and have them make sense.  898 more words

My Writing

Inspired by Fear

She wakes up in cold sweat,

heaving as she tries to catch her breath.

She has tears in her eyes,

wide in terror from the horrors of her dream. 71 more words

My Writing


Run away, run away, I tell myself. Turn back, turn back.

But I did not. 

I did not turn away and run.

Instead I stayed, meeting her chilling gaze with my own. 418 more words

My Writing

A Wild Sketch Appears!

I really can’t write plays. Unfortunately for my readers, that doesn’t mean I won’t try. This is the proposed final scene for my forthcoming masterpiece, ‘Benvolio and Mercutio Aren’t Feeling Very Well,’ a comi-tragic piece of theatre that, I reassure you, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead,’ or indeed, ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Nope. 934 more words

Poems without Titles

I’m terrible at titles. Really. Ask any of my exasperated tutors. At some point in the last year, I developed a rather tragic habit of titling poems with the date of where they were written – frankly, it’s just not acceptable behaviour. 478 more words