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As I rode the bus yesterday, I happened to hear the driver say starting pay was $17 an hour, about $34,000 a year.  This is a job where one has to drive a large vehicle in traffic, keep a schedule, load disabled people and strap them in, keep order, deal with the general public, who are not generally well off, often with mental disabilities, in a place with wet, icy roads.  1,464 more words


Feedback request

Hello all,

I posted on this little blog of mine a snippet of my latest story, The Searcher’s Want, last Friday. If any of you fine people get chance, I would appricate some feedback on it and would happy to reciprocate. Thank you


Emily: The Assessment

Detective Wilkes felt quite pleased with himself as he stepped off the ferry. The mysterious young man had proved not to be Chris, but rather someone who had helped him flee after the attack in the Kentish flat. 130 more words



We made love
wrapped up
in quilted sadness.
Bangladesh made,
stitched together
for a wage
any westerner
would find deplorable.

Fibers marked
with pin drop bloodstains… 83 more words


Bagel Bags

It was a cold windy early Sunday evening. The man walked fast. His head was down and his face hidden by a black hoodie. He clutched part of his short winter coat with his right hand. 49 more words

My Writing