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Yeoville Day 18 (pt 1): Country of my Skull

Today my group and I went to Yeoville with two extra passengers, Kudzai and Ilanit. Ilanit had to go to the Nigerian Jews (Igbo) synagogue to take pictures outside of the synagogue and the rabbi entering the synagogue. 577 more words

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You Feel Me???

Sorry if you haven’t heard from me in a while. I took to the streets now. That desk job couldn’t hold me back no more. That life ain’t for me. 44 more words


Music is My Antidote

An infinite shame hath been cast on my imagination


and that is where it will stay.


Curiosity made the cat ask ‘What’s that’?


but as I now embark on a quest to… 298 more words


Bekendes se Verhoogname

Wat het Wilhelmina Jacoba Viviers, Zander Tyler, Francois van der Merwe, Louis Andreas Pepler, Henk Opperman, Jacobus Frederik Jersich, Sonia Nel, Ralph John Rabie en Thys Streicher in gemeen? 256 more words


Cát thủy tinh Ruida thế hệ mới

Cát thủy tinh Ruida thế hệ mới – Cát vệ sinh bằng silicon dioxide là một cuộc cách mạng trong ngành sản xuất cát vệ sinh cho mèo, với thành phần chủ yếu là SiO2, không độc hại và bảo vệ môi trường. 381 more words

Bán Cát Vệ Sinh Cho Mèo

My Thoughts On Games (First Post)

This is my first blog post, so I’m not really sure where I want to start at. Something I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about over the last few weeks is how the gaming community has changed over the years. 597 more words


My Little Pony Rainbow Power Rarity Figure Doll

Rarity adds sparkle to every outfit and she can’t wait to hang out with her best friend – you! She’s got sparkly purple hair and she needs you to style her hair with her comb. 11 more words