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My magical powers

There are people that need camouflage to hide. Not me, no one will recognise my drawing anyway.

Fast Sketches

My Little Pony Rainbow Shimmer Princess Luna

Your pony adventures are about to be rainbowfied! Your winged Rainbow Shimmer Princess Luna pony figure is full of Cutie Mark glitter and she’s ready for a little bit of fun. 10 more words

Johnny Cash quote - Limitations

Another great quote from our man in black, Mr. Johnny Cash!

This time he talks about finding one selves limitations. -And when you do things your way, there aren’t too many limitations. 47 more words



Also… My grandpa died today. Or was it yesterday? In 2010. His birthday was on October 31st. Maybe one day I’ll share the elaborate story of how he impacted my life. 165 more words


Shalom! Hebrew Word for Tonight: Laila Tov

לילה טוב

(read right to left)

שלומ! היומ למדתי חדש מילה בעברית. לילה טוב

-Shalom! Heyom lamedti khedesh meelah veAvreet. La-eela Tov

-Hello! Today I learned a new word in Hebrew. 34 more words


My Little Pony Beanie Babies 3 Pack

Official Ty product with the authentic Ty heart-shaped tag! Officially licensed My Little Pony characters Super soft cuddly material & cute features Series : My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Beauti… 6 more words