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Just Want To Say

I know I write about people in my life. 

Though I try to keep them “nicknamed” just so that it seems a little more fictional and a little less real. 257 more words

How Plexus Slim Works

I want to talk about how Plexus Slim works to help provide healthy weight loss, and it does that by helping to promote overall health from the inside first, which then provides the most natural weight loss. 1,168 more words


Changes-Life Before Plexus

Before I can start telling you exactly how Plexus changed my life, you need to know a little about what was going on in my life prior to my discovering Plexus. 958 more words


Searching, searching, for some new motivation. Hitting the hay to dream up my first official post!

Until then,

Mrs. Tt


About my page

Hey guys,
My name is Lisa, 17 years old and from Germany.
I will post in English so all of you can understand me. :) My english is not perfect but I hope you accept it. 39 more words


So, I just created a blog...

Hi! I’m Maria! I’m 15 years old, and I’m from the happy country of Denmark! I love writing, reading, music, being happy, hugging my dog, and sunshine, and the following things will be the primary contents of this blog… :) <3… 551 more words


I made one. 


Okay, so no one answered if I should make one or not, so I did anyway. No offence, but this is my life and my blog. 42 more words