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I was looking at the photo gallery I have on my Mac and this picture caught my attention.

This is me, watching the World.

There are a lot of people down there and everyone has his culture, his story, his thoughts, his feelings. 82 more words


The reason for this crazed blog

Why I started this blog
That’s the Post I decided to start off with soo..This year In 2014 I realized how simple life is ; were just the ones making it difficult ( cliché .1 ) . 103 more words


Passeggiare per Milano - (Inizio di un amore)


8.9.2014 – A walk in Milan – (Beginning of a love story)

Milano, quanto ti amo!
La mia splendida città che corre, ride, brinda, si bagna di pioggia e si carica di grigio ma sa come divertirsi, 350 more words


First blog post

For someone who prides herself on being creative, cherishing the various modes of creative expression from paintings to poetry or my personal favorite; creative writing, I struggle to write without meaning or purpose, yearning for a topic generating die or more appropriate in recent times, an app (have I just ‘generated’ a new business idea?)  Now, this is not to say that I need to write something particularly mind-blowing or important, I am happy to write for the sake of writing, but rather that I would feel better having an organised if makeshift process to follow. 152 more words


Show us the way!!

We all might have come across those lecturers who say– “Run!Run!!Life is a race!!” .This slogan is echoing more louder than ever as newer gen teachers are entering the teaching field. 152 more words


Settembre, un nuovo dolce inizio

1.9.2014 – September, sweet new starting


Buongiorno ragazze!

Buongiorno con una dolce novità: questo blog, che nasce da settimane di lavoro e dalla mia passione per lo stile minimal. 80 more words


Why "Wheel Life Thinking"?

     I worked for Marriott International for over 23 years. From time to time, I went to a training seminar given by the HR Department. One seminar I attended introduced me to the concept of a “ 333 more words