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This blog.

I’ve been struggling for a while what to make of this little piece of the interwebs that I can call my own. Not that I will, in fact, make much of it, but what I should probably categorise it as. 234 more words

My sanctuary

This is my blog but why am I scared of writing something that will offend someone, that won’t put a smile on someone’s day, something that will be judged by others as dumb and unitenillgent. 109 more words


En kontrast til glansbilledet

Her den sidste uges tid, er der blandt nogle sundheds-realister på Instagram drejet et fokus hen på vores ‘uperfekte’ sider, for at bryde det glansbillede man ofte fremstiller på sociale medier. 1,022 more words

Mine Tanker

THE QUEEN'S WARD Chapter III – Harold Hexwane, Earl of Umberland

A sucking sound like breath being sharply inhaled made Roxanne turn and look quizzically at her new mistress. The vivid green of the beautiful lady’s protruding eyes caught her attention before she turned and looked back at the room that was Katherine’s quarters. 3,310 more words

THE QUICK FIX LOTTERY Chapter Five - Alice

Elawishes was a greedy man. He had been a greedy child, and he grew up to be a greedy man. He was the third son of five children, all boys. 1,213 more words


I was looking at the photo gallery I have on my Mac and this picture caught my attention.

This is me, watching the World.

There are a lot of people down there and everyone has his culture, his story, his thoughts, his feelings. 82 more words


The reason for this crazed blog

Why I started this blog
That’s the Post I decided to start off with soo..This year In 2014 I realized how simple life is ; were just the ones making it difficult ( cliché .1 ) . 103 more words