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Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.

Remember the days of eating Jiffy peanut butter with mom’s PB&J? Or if you were like me, eating Jiffy by the tablespoons in consecutive sequence! 830 more words

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Toxic Mold Is A Serious Health Threat For Humans

Mold is a microscopic organism that grows in almost everywhere both indoor and outdoor. Damp or moist environments are most favorable places for the mold to grow. 284 more words

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After Frozen FDD Curb Drain Caused Backup and Floods Last Winter, Ann Arbor Home Tests Positive for Toxic Molds

Winter Backup Summary

We have just re-posted (here, here and here) about the last winter’s catastrophic basement flooding at two homes on Avondale, in Ward 4, after freeze-ups in, and backups from the City’s FDD-only “curb drains.” These froze solid. 1,545 more words

Fungus – The Hidden Cause Of Many Illnesses?

Courtesy of Makia Freeman @ The Sleuth Journal:

Sounds like a big claim and a sweeping generalization, but when you take a closer look at it, you will be staggered to discover just how ubiquitous the humble fungus is, and how much ill health it can cause. 1,966 more words


Learning more about coffee and tea

Like most of you, coffee and tea are part of our daily routines, and we pay just as much attention to these drinks as we do to the food on our plate. 3,632 more words

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