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Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.

Remember the days of eating Jiffy peanut butter with mom’s PB&J? Or if you were like me, eating Jiffy by the tablespoons in consecutive sequence! 830 more words

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Toxic Mold Is A Serious Health Threat For Humans

Mold is a microscopic organism that grows in almost everywhere both indoor and outdoor. Damp or moist environments are most favorable places for the mold to grow. 284 more words

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After Frozen FDD Curb Drain Caused Backup and Floods Last Winter, Ann Arbor Home Tests Positive for Toxic Molds

Winter Backup Summary

We have just re-posted (here, here and here) about the last winter’s catastrophic basement flooding at two homes on Avondale, in Ward 4, after freeze-ups in, and backups from the City’s FDD-only “curb drains.” These froze solid. 1,545 more words

Fungus – The Hidden Cause Of Many Illnesses?

Courtesy of Makia Freeman @ The Sleuth Journal:

Sounds like a big claim and a sweeping generalization, but when you take a closer look at it, you will be staggered to discover just how ubiquitous the humble fungus is, and how much ill health it can cause. 1,966 more words