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Early April

Lately all my plans of drawing have gone down the drain, even the time I purposely set aside for this task just vanished……Leaving me in very deep


Short Lovely Con

For the 5th year in a row I have attended AnimeDetour and as always, I LOVED IT!!

I acquired a King Kazma poster, by the lovely… 206 more words


Thoughts (and hopes)

I’m getting real good at convincing myself I know something when I really don’t - the visual and architectural significance of the resurrection of the st. 144 more words

How To Make A Bow For Your Hair according to MyDaily's Katie Jones

You will need:
30x30cm velvet
Tape measure
Needle and thread
Plain barrette hair slide

You need to:
1. Cut two 6×3 inch pieces of your velvet fabric and another two 1.5×6 inch pieces. 234 more words


a morning conversation

sunday morning, di ruang tamu,lagi mam roti

E: mami bawa hape ga?

M: ga bawa sayang hapenya di atas

E: ambilin donk

M: nanti ya abis makan rotinya… 28 more words



hai haiii

baru pindahan dari blogger ke wordpress ni.. mo mulai ngeblog yang beneran ceritanya.. tapi berhubung masih nubie mohon dibimbing abis yahhh para senior di seantero dunia blogging :) 278 more words