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I have left a mark

On you
Bites of dust
Sand crawling between the toes of your feet
Curl me up
Carry me as you desire love
Lustful love… 23 more words

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So far so good said I, yet another round
And I’m battling on.
I’m supposed to be tough courageous and strong
That’s why I’ve won every round…

197 more words
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At least

It is raining outside
Yesterday disturbed me

Mix me up
You have not been calling my name
As serious
as I
.. no more times away… 148 more words

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Are we too similar to get along smoothly

Do not look into my computer, do not invade my privacy

Nothing I can compare your essence too… 65 more words

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Let me tell you about love

There is a train passing through my mind
I sleep in your presence
I wake up in your arms, holding my waist
Yet you are not there actually… 79 more words

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You will have me
Please hold me close
I am scared
I adore you

I just know …. it is you,

I have dresses to wear… 181 more words

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How old are you
Career, birds and dentist appointments have flown by
Some of us don’t clearly remember their first kiss
I was 21, I am 21 today… 360 more words

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