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I won’t be used nor abused

You know I love you more than I should

Tired of hearing words with no meaning

 Defending your honor every time someone sees I took a beating… 140 more words

This Kind (DRABBLE)

Title: This Kind

Length: Drabble, 143 words

Rating: G

Tags: blooming romance, we got married

Pairing(s): Nam Woohyun/Shin Ayji (OC)

Adds: –

Summary: Ayji confesses in her way and Woohyun laughs. 201 more words


Woohyun the Idol (DRABBLE)

Title: Woohyun the Idol

Length: Drabble, 387 words

Rating: G

Tags: WOOHYUN CENTRIC, comedy, idol!verse

Pairing(s): –

Adds: Ko PD <3

Summary: Ko PD gives Infinite a mission to jump off a platform for their variety show. 454 more words


writing smt...

Well, getting started isn`t that great I suppose…the only thing that I cud start with is my life. I know it hasn`t  gone  far much to be interesting or adventurous. 392 more words