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Make Her Notice; In Which He Fails (DRABBLE)

Genre; slight!romance, library!au, …

“Hello, you!”

Kei turns to her left, her eyebrows raised because of a boy who looks much.. geeky. With thick-rimmed glasses and a hair..fringe most likely gelled to the left, leaving a-non-hair-decorated forehead. 335 more words


Veering Towards Attention (DRABBLE)

Genre: idk what is genre

Kim Jiyeon, or informally known as Kei knows that she’s winning a game. A game that involves screaming that she skidded off the tracks and unintetionally getting unexpected audience. 451 more words


Frozen Soul.

He left me abandoned

All on my own

No one to hold me

No one to keep me warm from the cold

He froze me out like the cold December air… 54 more words