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The Mirror.

I lost myself before I found you.

Who I used to be, I honestly do not have a clue

I love you for you, but do you really love the real me… 135 more words


I feel abandoned

As if I was hit by a trainĀ 

But the conductor didn’t care one bit

He laughed at my pain

Every time I think of you… 214 more words


I just wanted to be loved the way every other girl wants to be


I wanted somebody to be there the way I was always there for them… 145 more words

A quiet place

I sit with my feet in the wet sand looking down at the water that washes over them following the motions of the small waves from the sea. 589 more words


In tune with myself

At some point early on I started to wonder what I really wanted out of life. I tried to answer the question:

When I am at the end of my life what would I like to be able to say? 1,520 more words


When she cries

The piercing pain
She cries violently in her bed in our house.

With deep sobs and long wailing howls. The sound of the clear, sharp pain when all defenses have fallen and one is left powerless. 2,079 more words