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Frozen Soul.

He left me abandoned

All on my own

No one to hold me

No one to keep me warm from the cold

He froze me out like the cold December air… 54 more words

Forgotten joy

One day I smiled.

A ray of light had just penetrated the ubiquitous gray darkness inside me. Surprised and confused I searched my memories, reaching further and further back in time, until I understood what had happened. 234 more words


Safe in my heart

She sits looking down, sad and despairing.

Now instead of a happy sun are dark heavy clouds of grief and sadness.

I try to hold her closer, but she just starts crying. 317 more words


Twin suns

She exudes a joy that surrounds me, and light up the world around me. As an embrace of love. That’s how it feels when she is happy. 311 more words


One single tear

I‘m looking down at the table trying to remember what to say, but I lose concentration too quickly.

It feels like my brain is asleep, my body just doesn’t know it yet. 797 more words