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self portrait

I’ve been re-reading the Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley and i’ve been really enjoying his art style. On top of this i tried to use paint tool SAI on my surface pro and couldn’t calibrate the pen at all on the program so I got Mypaint instead which is free and yields some very nice effects! 14 more words



I’ve been checking out the recent git version of MyPaint (the free digital painting app.) There’s a bunch of new stuff – a dark theme, new icons, and the layer etc. 748 more words

Legend of Korra: Book III Finale

This Friday was the book III finale for The Legend of Korra.  I’m always insanely impressed by the creativity and  story telling this crew puts together.  30 more words


Tod and Copper

Today’s sketch_dailies was Tod and Copper from The Fox and the Hound.  It’s one of my wife’s favorite movies so I had to doodle it.


Master Splinter

This was one of last weeks sketch_dailies subjects, and we saw lots of TMNT fans around the theaters this weekend.  He’s demonstrating Diemon Dave’s “Ninjy Chop!”


Dear Mr. Watterson

A quick doodle to end the day.  I had time today to sit down and watch “Dear Mr. Watterson” with my son, whose quite a fan himself of the man’s work.  33 more words


Bat Bites

One of the sketch_dailies topics this week was Batman, so I thought I’d doodle the guy chilling out.  Bet he packs a lunch since the ‘mobile probably wouldn’t fit in a drive-thru.