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Our sons Webelos patrol is the rattlesnakes and they are planning on making a flag.  Unfortunately, their patrol patch was kind of difficult to make out for the flag, so I did my best to faithfully recreate the image.  14 more words


Jive Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  (a few days late…)  This last Monday we had a Cub Scouts meeting were we worked on the artists badge.  They should have been able to talk to a local artist in their area, but they were stuck talking to me.  30 more words


Seni sebagai ilmu penyempurna hidup

“I dream my painting then I paint my dream” – Van Gogh

sering saya berpikir ; kenapa saya selalu tertarik untuk mempelajari ilmu seni tapi tidak pernah tertarik untuk menekuninya sebagai profesi ? 424 more words


Introducing new Fossgrafis Mascot : Fossy the Cat !

sekitar dua tahun yang lalu saya mendapatkan amanah menjadi salah satu admin dari Fossgrafis, sebuah komunitas yang menyediakan informasi dan tutorial seputar software grafis (Gimp, Inkscape dan Blender) yang berlisensi gratis yang dibina oleh Mas… 317 more words


Viking Boar Rider

This is a little request I’ve been working on lately, which I hinted at last post.  Mostly done in MyPaint with some layering in The GIMP.  13 more words