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Dancing On Thin Ice

we don’t owe you our bodies

nor our hearts and minds

for together we burn


on thin ice

we don’t care what tomorrow holds… 20 more words


Pretty On The Inside

Under a grey sky. Clouds so suffocating, with nowhere to go but home. The scent of cigarette smoke rises unseen. So dirty and familiar, it calls my name seductively. 470 more words


Sepia Self Portrait

I took a photo of myself in the mirror. Neither here nor there, I’m somewhere in between.


Islands In Her Eyes


Yes. Those eyes shaped like her sex. Hair across her breasts. A dress that preaches. A voice that carries through cries of despair. An upturned nose. 412 more words


Somewhere Between


On the brink of reason. A Landscape of yesterdays, rolling like thunder. Faces and places, so quickly forgotten. Moments so strange, existing outside of time. Love and hate. 499 more words


Steal The Sun

pretty girls make graves/donkeys under starlight 

starved in half/worshipped so sweet 

souls just holes/stuffed with contempt 

no cure only pain/ scorched into pale eyes 

sex without love/lifeless like a whore  117 more words


Images Of Youth

The lower men crawl with insects. In their lungs, and in their mouths. Vague blurs. Drifting in and out. Aversion. Perversion. Children of nowhere. Dead, and addicted to rainbows. 337 more words