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A Passing Feeling

don’t let these days escape

let them live forever

let us cling

like tomorrow never comes

lovers holding on

to what matters most

repel ghosts… 16 more words



Sunshine. Wave upon wave. The beating of drums, and the way her legs invite me in. She dances on soft sand, the hush of galaxies, swirling behind brown eyes. 539 more words



Shadows flicker on the wall

they dance

all over her face and mine

outside of time

we become something more

than they’ll ever know

daylight fades… 23 more words


Dead Lovers

The days’ pass as they always do. Moments in time, like raindrops falling whilst you sleep at night. All of those smiles, and all of those embraces, swimming within your head. 602 more words



She’s just like her mum, and he’s just like his dad. Forever feeling sorry for themselves, repeated day after day. She’s her own worst enemy, always creating trauma, when there’s simply no need. 313 more words



You can’t keep running from yourself. Can’t keep burying your head in someone elses dreams. There’s no escaping the mirrors of your mind, no matter how hard you try. 482 more words


A Manic Street Preacher

“Sickened and howled, streaked and spurned
Plucked, lived, compelled and called
Closed and swallowed, formed and regained
Locked, cursed, glowed and discerned”