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Myron Panteah Sterling Silver Elongated Gray Agate Ring with 14k Gold Accents

Refreshing style! From the creative mind of Native American designer Myron Panteah, this striking ring captures the beauty of the life-giving monsoon rains of the desert southwest. 84 more words

Myron Panteah Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with 14k Gold Accent

Traditional yet modern, the work of Navajo/Zuni jeweler Myron Panteah often features a rich contrast of colors. In this bracelet, that contrast is provided by a swirl of 14 karat gold on a simple sterling silver band with a bark texture. 58 more words

Greek And Roman Art : Art History (2)

Art Periods/ Movements: Greek and Hellenistic (850B.C.–31 B.C.)

Characteristics: Greek idealism: balance, perfect proportions; architectural orders(Doric, Ionic, Corinthian)

Chief Artists and Major Works: Sculpture was a very important aspect of Greek culture.  1,180 more words

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