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Being aimless is actually being ambitious to yourself

There are so many careers out there and yet i am aimless .
I have no idea about my career. I am absolutely aimless, is it bad ? 253 more words


The Beast Attitude

Have you ever felt the yearn for something that you tried to get, but, it is simply out of your reach? Although there is absolutely no chance that you can get it, you still keep wishing for it? 129 more words

My Musings

First things first

So, first off, I’d like to apologize for my blog last night.
I was completely out of my mind. I really didn’t write it for any viewers; I only wrote it for myself. 486 more words


First Day @ Wordpress

Hi! Hello! Sa kung sino mang mapapadaan dito. Ngayon ay August 1, 2014 53 days bago ang aking 22nd birthday. Naisipan kong gumawa ng wordpress account dahil gusto ko ulit magkaroon ng journal/diary tungkol sa mga nangyayari sa’kin araw araw. 24 more words


Let me introduce myself

I’m a dreamer, a huge one yet I have no confidence to chase my dreams. A bit funny right? But what can a teenager do except to live with what he/she has? 132 more words


Welp, Here I go

So, I guess now I’ve made my goal it official haven’t I? Well, I think so. Ill just tell you a little about myself first. I started to love languages when I was a sophomore in high school (you don’t know how long it took me to write that word!). 171 more words


Want To Go Paris&Bucket-list🌟

The city of dreams, the city of love❤️! Paris reminds me of weird and unusually things like cheese ( I’m a huge cheese fanatic) and cakes, I don’t know really why? 112 more words