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#344 They make scones wrong in the bakery – why did I never notice?

Look at those scones! They’re the wrong shape!

Suppose you want to make a jam-filled scone. Here’s how I learned to do it, which is totes obviously the right way. 204 more words

People I'm Curious About

마음 수련 책자를 보고

지하철 앞에서 마음수련이라는 책자를 보았다. 화를 다스리기, 스트레스 다스리기에 관련된 내용을 보고 어쩌면 나한테 딱 필요한 것 아닌가 싶어 주워서 버스 안에서 읽었다. 사이비 종교 냄새가 많이 나긴 했지만 어쨌든 내용은 좋았다.


Here and there...

Ok…I’ve tried the Briyanis at many outlets in Chennai. They don’t even reach the basic standard level. Either it tastes like tomato rice (red color) or pepper rice (black color) or curry leaves rice (green color) with a piece of chicken in it and to add to my anger, one boiled egg will be occupying most of the place in that small container.   495 more words

The Beginning

Emptiness of Me

Almost forget to say “Happy Eid Mubarak” for all moslems in this world. Wish we will still feel the atmosphere of next ramadhan.
I feel so empty these days but gratefully my friends came to my home this morning. 79 more words



Actually, I think it’s not a matter of vulnerability, or aggression. I am talking about the sushi incident.

As a friend said recently to me, it’s a matter of effort. 297 more words



I need time.

It’s not so early now. I’ve been thinking and writing for a couple of hours now, and I wish I could stay here for a couple more. 47 more words