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I'm Sorry

I was an hour late for lunch today. Just as I convinced myself that I would take no longer than 1 hour for a meal, I found myself walking in circles trying to decide on what would be the tastiest calories that I would put in my mouth. 1,051 more words

Lawson's Randoms

I still exist thou.

I’ve been MIA again for more than 2 months. I don’t know what happened. I guarantee you that most of it is the worst! I said once that I’m looking forward for my new life in chat support and I guess I stop looking forward for it. 492 more words


#336 The ripe, delicious salmon berry – and the (ugh) worm

I went hiking last Thursday, and along the trail I found the ripest, most beautiful-looking salmon berry I had seen in years. See, along a lot of trails, people pick the berries before they’re ripe, because otherwise they won’t get any. 103 more words

People I'm Curious About

If My Shoes Could Talk...

…they would tell you all about:

all the steps back I made when I was afraid or unsure of something; and the steps forward when I knew what I wanted; the running for things I want and things I love; the running I could have avoided. 163 more words



I saw this pretty dress and I tried it on. Aaaand I bought it for myself. Cos I thought, I should buy myself something nice for everything that I have been through. 69 more words


Slightly tea obsessed.....

Hello Sweet Peas,

Oh today the post man most certainly made me an extremely happy girl! Taking in account when he dropped off my parcel he laughed and said “Best pop the kettle on”. 158 more words


Thoughts in Haiku

i’m a drop of rain
on the surface of a lake
no less meaningful

look at me, a part
of a large and greater whole… 45 more words