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Social Media vs. The "Real World"

I have been on a form of social media from about age 13 onward. I can’t imagine life without it. Facebook connects me to my family and friends that I’ve left behind in New Hampshire. 303 more words


Episode 1: Getting to know Cory and Rob with Myspace Quizes

First episode of the podcast!  Rob and Cory take myspace style quizes to help you all get to know us.  Plus we talk about the Orioles and the Comcast merger with Time Warner. 40 more words


A Truth Told

“My Space” Shannon Matesky

April 14, 2014

Here’s a reason to smile!

Go to your Facebook pictures.  (MySpace or whatever can work to)

Then go back to your first picture 

It is literally the funniest! 9 more words


Back in Business!

I love photos! I love taking them and editing them but I don’t really care to be in them!  I have always loved taking pictures and making scrapbooks and I have been scrapbooking since I was 13 years old.  283 more words

I is for Internet

Oh the internet. The world wide web. That bad bad boy.

The majority of my teen years were consumed by it. I’m talking back in the dial-up days! 443 more words

A To Z April Challenge