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Now I know what Ebay stands for....

Every Buyer Are Yupid – sorry couldn’t get Stupid to fit without thinking and can’t be bothered today….and a massive generalisation but you get me…. 164 more words


My Internet Firsts: A Weird Adventure Through My Internet Beginnings

AOL Instant Messenger, Geocities, chat rooms… Don’t lie, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Well folks, put down your Tamagotchis and lend an ear, because tonight, I’ve just been remembering all the weird stuff I used to make and do on the Internet. 1,156 more words

Brain Jelly

Ebony Bones - In GOD We Trust (Gold, Oil & Drugs)

Ebony Bones is a singer-songwriter, record producer, musician and actress from the United Kingdom. Eclectic, she blends elements of Post-Punk, Art Rock, Classical, Electronic and Afrobeat and her music has been described as “a modern-minded mash-up of early punk slammed against the sounds of old-school afro-beat icons.” 33 more words


Regarding Social Media

Here’s the latest episode from T.J.’s Vlog. Be sure to subscribe and comment on YouTube!


Pajamas And Cereal

AKA – Like Seriously…Right?…And I Was Like…Seriously, No Seriously!

I love chatting online. I’ve been doing this since the old days of Myspace.

I remember when my friend Ms. 1,999 more words

A Day In The Life

Old School Social Networking: No Fancy Wording or Insights. We Called it MySpace! Yep, Yep!

Back in the day, social networking was simply called MySpace. Instead of photoshop, we introduced ourselves with music that defined us. That’s networking homies! 145 more words