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Pajamas And Cereal

AKA – Like Seriously…Right?…And I Was Like…Seriously, No Seriously!

I love chatting online. I’ve been doing this since the old days of Myspace.

I remember when my friend Ms. 2,001 more words

A Day In The Life

Old School Social Networking: No Fancy Wording or Insights. We Called it MySpace! Yep, Yep!

Back in the day, social networking was simply called MySpace. Instead of photoshop, we introduced ourselves with music that defined us. That’s networking homies! 145 more words


What's Next for Social Media Addicts?

After years of wasting life on Facebook, suddenly Twitter became to new go-to for procrastinating doing schoolwork, texting back your ex-awkwardly-painful-hookups, and vacuuming your studio. Next, it was Pinterest. 180 more words

Accepting the Complexity

When did social media become so complex?

I would describe my relationship with social media as being unstable. I have a love-hate… hate-love… hate-HATE relationship with social media dating back to  228 more words

Social Media

I might be regressing here

Back when Myspace was the greatest thing in the world- I used to be famous for posting endless survey bulletins, so in the name of nostalgia, I present you with some pointless questions and my answers. 529 more words


Silly Videos

I came across my MySpace the other day and on it found a few videos I made when I was about 14 because I was clearly very bored. 71 more words

How once high-flying Fab's sale for parts is both worse and not as bad as it seem

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Just 17 months ago, investors were strapping Fab with a $1 billion valuation and talking about it as the next Amazon. 891 more words