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My social media journey started in middle school with MySpace (may it Rest In Peace). My MySpace use quickly evolved into Facebook. When I first used Facebook it was to see what my friends were up to, post photos, and chat online. 426 more words


How To Pimp Out A Myspace Profile Using Myspace Layouts?

Customizing MySpace profile is very important, as there are many users in this community. To pimp out a profile not much work needs to be done, as it is more of a creative effort. 441 more words


(POLL) What Is The Most Worthless Item Of The Week

Every week, Fan Interference identifies things in life that we deem worthless. Thus far, male nipples, pet costumes, fuzzy toilet seat covers, and non alcoholic beer have all been added to our worthless. 109 more words


How To Get Listings Of Free MySpace Layouts?

MySpace has become such a popular site on the Internet that everyone wants to be a part of it. And with this, the need for free MySpace layouts are also increasing. 440 more words


How To Customize A Profile Best With MySpace Backgrounds?

While being a member on MySpace, it is important to customize the profile. If the profiles are customized, it will make the usage much more interesting. 440 more words


How did so many Myspace layouts get created?

There are hundreds of MySpace layouts available on various sites, but did anyone wonder how they actually got created? Since MySpace is a very popular networking site, there has been a lot of development related to this community. 441 more words


How Did MySpace Layouts Become Popular?

MySpace has many users and it is the largest networking community on the Internet. Because many users are joining every day, the interests of people will vary. 439 more words