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W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E : My Sim-card's a Bomb!

“No bro! Its pronounced Wah-lay”

These words were spoken by the writer of this document, me, while trying to convince my closest circle of friends to vibe with the young rapper from D.C.. 266 more words

Social Media Savvy

       In the beginning there was

which opened the door to


Fast forward to Today’s Social Media phenoms:

                                    ,GOOGLE  , LINKED, and 

In case you’re wondering what is the purpose for Social Media the answer is this: 405 more words


Facebook will buy MySpace sometime this year.

I just found an old post I did years ago on the MySpace blog. Remember the days when Myspace was the king of social media, the site was buzzing and the MySpace blogs were all the rave. 1,085 more words

All About Music

Sunset, Meerkats and a Memorial Arch

I began writing this some years ago and in essence I wrote it for myself. Actually, that’s not really true – I started off in My Space and I was writing it as a letter for one person. 518 more words

House, Garden And Dogs


Reaching out is not so far from the truth
Really it’s all in the reach itself
Some go as far as a click here and there… 96 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"

From Myspace to Facebook to Instagram to ?????

The Ice Bucket Challenge, I bet you have all done it.  First, the water was not that cold and the challenge was not that difficult.  Who ever thought that taking a bag of ice, dumping it into a bucket of water, and pouring it over your head would be done by millions of people in months?  626 more words

Social Media

Social Media Journey: Humble Beginnings and Initial Thoughts

This blog entry has been on my mind for quite some time. Being someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, it was interesting to look back and figure out my journey through social media. 1,004 more words