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Facebook Announces That All Other Essential Functions Will Be Split Off Into Other Apps As Well

Users have been complaining about Facebook’s recent decision to soon remove messages from their mobile app and shift them entirely over to the Facebook Messenger app. 161 more words

Interview: ATMos

My next guest today is none other than ATMos! The 18 year old from Bordeaux, France has made songs such as When you get down, Common Things and the latest track, It doesn’t seem so easy! 1,035 more words


Just Want To Say

I know I write about people in my life. 

Though I try to keep them “nicknamed” just so that it seems a little more fictional and a little less real. 257 more words

Remember The Services You Used to Use? Take a Second Look

While this may not be a greatest hits compilation, a recent conversation with a friend led me to re-try a number of services I used to love.   508 more words


almost famous

It’s a 1980 movie. It’s a David Bowie song that prompts radio sing-alongs. And it’s what an overwhelming percentage of the Millennial Generation is trying to achieve via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging (yep, I know it’s ironic that this is written on WordPress), and perhaps, for those still stuck in the early 2000s, myspace! 316 more words

Dude, You're Getting Kerry'd Away

I don’t like to play games and all that bullshit. If I like someone enough, they’ll know it and if I don’t, then there shouldn’t be any question. 529 more words

I met my husband on the internet.

A friend asked how I met my husband, because we lost touch over that period of time and just recently connected. So instead of having a conversation like human beings did in a world without social media, I have decided to share it with the world. 1,025 more words

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