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Full-stack web developer in T-minus 1 day?

Part of the fun of working at a startup is the challenge. Though we may look relaxed in our T-shirts and jeans at work, in reality we are racing against time and money where the odds are stacked against us – after all, most startups fail, just like most experiments fail. 578 more words


The basics of the InnoDB undo logging and history system

InnoDB implements multi-version concurrency control (MVCC), meaning that different users will see different versions of the data they are interacting with (sometimes called snapshots… 1,364 more words


Slave db stopped on corrupted binlog

Use this procedure only if you are not losing data (use some binlog viewer to read last executed query)..

To force slave to move on the next binlog file (on slave server): 105 more words


How to remove MySQL completely

On this video, you can get idea how to uninstall mysql server completely.if we did it normal way, we won’t be able to reinstall it again, because sever files are still remain in your system and they keep belonging the 3306 port.you have to go to the App data folder of your user account and need to remove mysql folder.but problem is this method

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Vital PHP and MySQL Web Development 4th Edition

Consider a practical scenario where you encounter the below error message when you attempt to save some changes in session_data table:

The latest development in the field of hosting is… 280 more words