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Jesus Saves, Chapter Thirty-Two

Evangeline had hung on as long as she could. The illness had hit suddenly, knocking her off her feet. From that point on, it had been a spiral downward. 1,009 more words

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Jesus Saves, Chapter Thirty-One

Lady stood, waiting at the entrance of the chapel. Her tall ebony form was imposing compared to Misty’s smaller, petite figure. Within the shorter woman, Lady already sensed a paradox. 990 more words

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More about Salem and the 1692 witches

A lot has been written about the Witch Terror in Salem in 1692. To a modern eyes, the easy belief in the veracity of a group of girls is incredible. 392 more words

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Annual Check-up

This blog is about my writing journey, and this morning I woke up thinking about all I’d intended to create and accomplish in 2014, and didn’t. 245 more words


Jesus Saves, Chapter Thirty

The maid arrived at room 132 to begin her cleaning duties, not expecting the sight that would greet her. Her frantic screams brought guests and staff running to see what was wrong. 1,013 more words

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New Launch - Digging Up Your Ancestors

Real People/Real Stories is coming alive this year, with a new author and a new series. Coming soon will be six historical mysteries for you to read and enjoy. 148 more words

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The Entity - Shadow People...

By Jeremy Michael Bloxsom

Published on 2 Oct 2014

This full length Channel 4 documentary covers the topics of sleep paralysis, shadow people, demons, and general supernatural entity attacks. 667 more words