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The Case of the Mystery Red Bucket

There hasn’t been much to post about lately, just the same ol’ same. School work, work, packing, sleep, repeat. I golfed in a tournament on Saturday which didn’t meet our fun expectations, and I have been fighting a head cold. 189 more words

Chapter 3 Recap, L.A. Dreamers, a Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery

Chapter 3 Recap


a Hollywood Ghostwriter Mystery

by Dakota Donovan

As soon as we pass the 405, Riley’s eyes keep darting to the rearview mirror. 2,266 more words


Only Love. That's All.

 “The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” ―Blaise Pascal

Seasons come and seasons go and several seasons of silence have come and went since I’ve taken a moment to share the whisperings of my soul.

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The Oakville Blobs

On August 7, 1994, the town of Oakville, Washington was met by a gooey gelatinous substance raining from the sky. For the following three weeks, the mysterious blobs rained down on Oakville six more times. 149 more words



This says it better than I can. For some of my ancestors, unfortunately, I may only ever have just facts and figures. For others, I’m trying to learn a bit more about their lives by reading books about where they came from. 57 more words