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The Tale Of A Crappy Mystery Box

I got my weekly mystery box today and I have to say it was particularly crappy this week. Here’s what I got;

Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Mystery Box > Angel Topiary… 56 more words

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Episode 446: The Son Also Rises

“You must have always had so much hatred in you. No one could be filled with it so quickly.”

Friday’s episode ended with stern patriarch Joshua Collins descending into the basement of the abandoned Old House, poking into the buried secrets that should never be poked into.

1,486 more words
Sam Hall

This Week In Binarycore #107

Its that time of the month again when we realise why all our bank balances are in the red. Mystery nerd/geek boxes! This week we get the one handed box opening styles of Blaze with contributions from… 124 more words

This Week In Binarycore

Character Background: Human Rupert

I thought I would give you guys some more information about Rupert/Human Rupert!

Family Guy

Tea Party Update: 4th & Final Toy is Up!

So, only about an hour later than advertised tonight, TinyCo has dropped the fourth and final Tea Party update toy. It is a cute little evil action figure (Destro), and he represents your last three chances to earn Rupert through this event. 67 more words


Troubleshooting: How long do I have left to collect toys?

We have players asking whether there is a fourth toy and how many tries we will get tomorrow – find out when the event will end below:

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Bare Bear Tanning Salon Glitch

If you were lucky enough to win Human Rupert during the weekend, you may have experienced the glitch which allowed players to place unlimited Bare Bear Tanning Salon’s – sadly, I still haven’t unlocked Human Rupert (Pickles, one of our writers, has been lucky enough to win him and place lots of Tanning Salon’s!) – but the glitch has been FIXED!

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