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Rude awakening

Life exhausts me.

I woke up this morning before the darkness had begun to lift from the sky. What woke me? Pain. A lot of pain pulsing in my lower back on my right side, and into my stomach.  512 more words

Self Harm

I'm breaking.

I get a little better for a day, then worse for 2 weeks.

I’m going insane. It’s almost been 3 months. On the 21st it will be. 197 more words

Mesa dogs may be poisoned

A mystery illness has killed one dog and sickened five more within a week at a Mesa home.

The dogs’ owner, who runs a rescue, has eight dogs of her own. 448 more words


Keeping Myself In A Flare

I am sooo low on energy which is why I’ve been a neglectful blogger. If you’ve e-mailed/messaged me and I haven’t gotten back to you, I promise I will eventually. 504 more words


Midnights are a mother-----.

Can I just express to you, how lonely it is to be awake, and alone all night long? I bet you had absolutely no idea. P got moved to midnights. 544 more words

Lesbian Housewivery At Its Finest

One boy, one world, one fight, one life.

So, we know there’s more than one,

We know the cure is; none,

We know the answers will come

But maybe too late for some. 213 more words