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September 25, 2006

…experimenting with tight and loose focus…

I have always liked comic book super heroes. I suppose it is because the whole “super hero” concept is just so outrageous… 532 more words

Dennis Jones

Wednesday Videos: Gen X is Middle-Aged!

I have a birthday in a few days and it turns out I’m middle aged!  I have grey hair!  I have a preteen kid who thinks I’m boring!   115 more words


9 Superhero Movies From The '90s That Need A Reboot (And One That Doesn't)

The ’90s were a weird and occasionally wonderful time for superhero movies. In many ways, the success of films like Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… 1,510 more words


Movie Quote of the Day - Mystery Men, 1999 (dir. Kinka Usher)

The Shoveller: We’re not your classic superheroes. We’re not the favorites. We’re the other guys. We’re the guys nobody bets on.

Movie Quote Of The Day

Mystery Men

I’ll be up front about it: I love Mystery Men.  From the first time I saw it, I thought it was an awesome movie.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate it more and more.  1,022 more words


Blame Is A Four Letter Word

One of my guilty pleasures is a film called Mystery Men. It is about a group of misfits trying to be superheroes. I could bend words and views and try to find some deep philosophical reasons for it but there really isn’t one, it is just fun. 828 more words