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The Bauls

They are unique to Bengal and you can’t miss them on. I was on a 9 days tour of West Bengal exploring the weaving traditions of the region.Uncut, often coiled hair, long, usually with a flowing beard, their saffron robe with a necklace of beads made of basil stems, crooning about love and compassion in ecstasy. 415 more words

Apollo Sunlight Alignment

Holy one, Glory of the Sun
All Beings look Up to You as One
Master of Light, of Right and Weal
Aid us now, so Our Souls may Heal… 76 more words



When hummingbird appears in your life it may be to remind you to draw life’s sweetness to you. Just watching the antics of the tiny hummers will still you long enough to remember to smell the roses. 

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Art Watercolor Gallery

Portrait No 11 - Amanda, angel mystic

I’m just catching up on the portraits from my little trip last week, if you haven’t seen it already you really need to read my post about the strange things that happened when I was on my way to see Amanda in Windermere – you can find it… 153 more words


Mystic Mary of the Gael

To start the Hoppy Boston Spring of saisons I decided to review one of my favorites, Mystic Mary of the Gael. It is fitting to begin a run of saison reviews with Mystic, since their brewery specializes in the style. 338 more words

Beer Review

Welcome back to America

After completing our assignment in Spain which I talked about last month – and coming back with results that not only the BBC wanted to use but also several other publishing companies too – the next assignment we were offered was in America. 520 more words