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The space between the worlds

Last night when I was dreaming
I was dreaming about a kiss
It felt so warm and gentle
As she placed it on my lips… 170 more words


Metaphysics and its Use

Philosophers often claim that metaphysics can state something about how the world really is, or make ontologically true/false statements. However, I think that metaphysics is useful not as an ontology, but as a methodology; namely through its practice one gains a deeper understanding about the world, though this understanding is not stated by metaphysics, it is merely shown through its use. 572 more words

Second day

Hello readers.

First of all I have to tell you that I have a terrible headache today, so this update can be short. But then again, it can be long. 1,114 more words


Xenophobia and Mystical Experience

Terror and Mystical Experience

“Guest Blogger: Vegter Animus.  Read more of his articles on ProjectiAmYouBlog.wordpress.com

It has long been documented that mystical experiences have often been accompanied by terror at the onset, as well as the fear that one is about to die from such an experience.   870 more words


echoes from Assisi

heavenly spouse, that blesses all things
how you have loved me, that I am chaste
how you have touched me

that I am now pure… 161 more words


"Even when reflected in various objects, the sun is never divided, nor does it merge into its reflection. Only those with dull brains would consider the sun in this way. Similarly, although the soul is reflected through different material bodies, the soul remains undivided and nonmaterial." 11.7.51

Like the sun in the example given in this verse, the spirit soul throughout its sojourn has seen unlimited expressions and reflections within its consciousness and yet knows that nothing “outside” is its Self, nor is the mind’s reflection of it Self should be accepted as the original person. 251 more words

Overall Review - Halo Cigs 3.7.1

After an admittedly short usage of my “good” Halo Cigs G6 battery, I’m already finished with my Mystic e-liquid, and, guess what? I can finish my review! 72 more words