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Happy Birthday, Thomas Merton!

I can’t let yesterday, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Merton, pass unremarked. He was, after all, probably the first mystic whose words I had encountered, an many of his words still resonate. 286 more words



Summer, 1994. “……..and the people bowed and prayed”………

Well. Not exactly.

But, religious ardour was definitely in the air. And, devotion. And, this time, everybody stayed fully clothed. 662 more words

Contemplative Essays

The Christmas Moon

This is one of my stories of Christmas magic, a moment in time that really did happen one Christmas night several years ago.

A few years ago I was driving home on a Christmas night, traveling along a dark two-lane road in a somewhat rural area that was familiar and fairly close to home. 1,691 more words



Seeking an avenue to express my admiration of women, in October of 2013 I laid it all out in 140 pages.

One of the more culturally sophisticated commentators decided that I was the “Thomas Pynchon” at my current place of employment. 638 more words



I close my eyes, the Light is still there
Bright, and warm! O! how warm the Light is!
I am made to swim in Light, to hear in Light to live in Light!

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The Flame In The Lotus: Poetic Musings On Amida

'My Designer', a poem by Alice

The light of a thousand thousand suns cannot describe
that home from which I come
and to which I go,

from which this worldly house is but… 151 more words


12/09: Shutting Out the World

1. Too many late nights. I got up late enough that there was no time to exercise or meditate before I left for work with Alice. 532 more words