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Moonrise (18-04-2014)

And so she rose from the clouded horizon, a golden glow suffusing the clouds, heralding her arrival as she slowly emerged into a clear sky. … 428 more words

Wednesdays are on FIRE on ParaEncounters Network

Wednesday nights are THUNDEROUS here on PEN. THE MYSTIC VIEW at 8pm est (7cst,5pst) The Mystic View Show is on break as Dr. Kimberly finishes her moving and remodel, the show will return on May 31st. 687 more words

A brightly colored commission....

A few days ago, just before Easter, a young woman asked me to draw an image for her, to use as a token for the browsing bar and to identify her profile on networks such as facebook, pinterest, and so on. 31 more words


The canals of Mars

I sail imaginary waters
On this other world,
Map your mind only,
and the avenues of western allegory,
But my craft is narrow, my way is clear, 181 more words

The Blazing World

Barbara Ehrenreich is a trained scientist and a hardcore atheist historical materialist. And, like me, comes from a socialist tradition. She has written one of the best, most no-nonsense pieces on having cancer I’ve read… 660 more words

Damiana: Mystical Uses

Magickal Uses of Damiana

Zodiac Association: Aries

Gender: Male

Planetary Association: Pluto

Elemental: Fire

Deitiy Association: Pan, Oshun

Basic Powers… 1,471 more words