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Inner Soul Workings

Today I surrender to the inner workings of my soul as I allow the wisdom of Divine Essence to guide me along my life path. Humbly trusting that the power within me will rise above any situation or struggle transforming me into my Higher Self who simply IS. 14 more words

ancient hymns of dafree whitewolfe - v (weaving the tapestry)

your whet lips -  the third psalm of  dafree whitewolfe

(to the Muse of muses)

“In his anger, God distributes sorrow…”

                                -Job 21.17


how many are the angry goddes within… 151 more words


Friday Night Mystics: A. W. Tozer

Last week’s “Friday-Night Mystic” was Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection: a simple man who was madly in love with God.  Is simplicity an ideal of mysticism?  590 more words

What has been given to us?

We must carry an iron yoke with no hole,
It is a slight matter, the curse is passed on to our descendants;
If you want to support the gate and sustain the house, … 467 more words

Another Book Aborning

He said, “I think you are all about bringing order out of chaos.”

I can’t promise that it will be big enough to publish at Smashwords, but there’s a book coalescing in my head. 792 more words


Sri Krishna Prem and the Language of the Seers

The following is a passage from Sri Krishna Prem’s book, Initiation Into Yoga, from an essay entitled ‘Symbolism and Knowledge’. Thanks to Don Salmon for posting it elsewhere so that I could borrow it. 740 more words