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How I Read: the Jointed Robot Metaphor

“All living beings, whether born from eggs, from the womb, from moisture, or spontaneously; whether they have form or do not have form; whether they are aware or unaware, whether they are not aware or not unaware, all living beings will eventually be led by me to the final Nirvana, the final ending of the cycle of birth and death.

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Don't Soil Yourself

Don’t forget the third pillar of disentanglement.

Dear reader, my heart is burdened for you. Sometimes I hardly know where to start. Can you follow the quantum logic I use here? 966 more words


Why am I Blogging? Blogging101_1_ zero to hero

I have joined the blogging 101 challenge to understand WP better, and I’ll try to be true to the challenge though I am on vacation and it’s hard to get to the computer. 377 more words


Facing My Own Attachment to Separation

When I take seriously the interconnected web of all existence, when I begin to try to experience it, I also come face to face with my own attachment to separation. 667 more words


The Philosophy of Plotinus: Part Six

Movement and rest in ‘thought’, the most intense activity and stillness in unity

Plotinus called the grasp by Intellect of the immaterial object – their  immediate identity and unity – ‘intuitive thought’. 1,559 more words


"Heaven in a Wild Flower"


To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand… 7 more words