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The Dentist

(A whimsical look at the search
for the true Self with a playful nod
to Walt Whitman’s “O Captain!
My Captain!”

O Dentist! My Dentist! 56 more words


An Update in Consciousness - Leaving a Trail

I’ve decided to share a bit more about what I’m working on in consciousness as it strikes me that the information might be useful to others too, and also that it acts as a useful marker point on the journey to refer to later. 637 more words



We approach an edge and the end of a cycle. This is an interesting space, it brings into focus the issue of contrast, the contrast of where we have been and where we are headed. 398 more words


Book Review: The Upanishads translated by Juan Mascar├│

The Upanishads are, of course, among the great classics of mankind. The vast wealth of literature classed under this heading emerged from the spiritual golden age of India, a period during which the polytheistic and overly ritualistic religion of the Vedas was emerging into something simultaneously more spiritual and more philosophical. 356 more words




IT was Sunday in springtime, and the singing in the Church floated out over the town. Up in the elm tree that stood behind the churchyard wall sat two old crows. 507 more words


Beyond is and is not

Porto is a marvelous place, like a Disney  Land of the mind.

I gave a beggar a coin at the Igreja Paroquel de Santo Ildefonzo. He says “Obrigado” (Thank you). 438 more words


vestibular systems form our sixth sense.
in you. in me.
keeping us in balance: giving you a sense of place,
giving me a sense of gravity. 76 more words