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I SAT in a room surrounded by all my friends. My blood coursed hotly through my veins, my heart was filled with restlessness, and I found a difficulty in breathing. 553 more words


Shamanism as A Type of Mysticism

In the course of this paper, I will try to present the different aspects of mysticism in order to discuss whether or not Shamanism should be considered as a typewhich is under the umbrella term mysticism. 1,968 more words


Day 9: Losing My Mind

I’ve had the beginning of a post sitting here for two days, but have been unable to complete it due to lack of coherent thought. Tonight it seems appropriate to write about my greatest frustration with writing instead. 489 more words


Feng Shui Layouts, Mazes, and Labyrinths

In initiatory traditions the Labyrinth or maze is seen as a highly sacred symbol of the divine nature of things, as a place of initiation that may at first seem to be chaotic but when looked from a higher perspective it is a glorious orderly unit symbolizing the most sacred and secret aspects of Nature. 317 more words


Doing Time

I see only two conditions that are important for the individual in society, either you are asleep and dreaming or awake and aware. We all are born asleep and will remain that way for our entire lives unless we can somehow awaken. 655 more words



We awoke early to go to Tzfat, the place from which Jewish Mysticism emerged. Tzfat sits on a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee and is considered one of the four “holy” cities in Israel (along with Jerusalem, Hebron, and Tiberias). 180 more words


Elul arrives again


The circling months have brought us back to Elul, the time to prepare for the Days of Awe that fall in the first ten days of next month, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. 548 more words