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On definition

How are we to define a word?

Words are like tools, very flexible tools. The definition of a word changes dependent upon the use we put it to. 366 more words


99 Names of Allah: 39-42

Bismallah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim


Following Hafiz, a Name which relates to Allah’s protecting “everything in the heavens and earth” (Meyer et al. 52), the 39th Name, Muqit, “is the unlimited ability to provide for each and everything,” for with Muqit, the protection that is Hafiz “arrives to feed and nourish, to allow for survival” (53). 541 more words


THE HOLY SPIRIT: Human Existence In The Spirit, by Sallie McFague

From Collected Readings

“Christians believe the world is hidden in God.”  This is the same as saying that human existence takes place within God’s Spirit.  The world does not have a separate existence for Christians.   1,745 more words


Mysticism and the Failure of Academic Philosophy - Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel

No direct connection has ever been established between Nicholas of Cusa and Hegel. It has been accepted that Hegel did not know of him.1 In fact, there is… 994 more words


A Child of the Universe


Gravitating above and beyond

Shooting flares of light

Spectrums fire the etheric.

Electric currents press

The hidden button

Prompting it to start.

Initiating a decision… 90 more words


Refinement of Exultation

Numinous kindling

My spirit afire

Keening surges of senses

A liquid fire rumbling

Ecstatic longing

Tempers my soul

Gratitude becoming

I drink deeply

Of proffered cup… 13 more words


I refuse to say what this story means - try to figure it out if you dare

LEGAL DISCLAIMER. The following story is not a magic or supernatural story. It takes place firmly in the real world and in the present day. I can’t explain the meaning of it to you, and I probably shouldn’t even if I could.

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