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The subtle perception of the way things are

We are in a Lourdes, France, place of miracles. Our room has a kitchen and we have come back from the market. We invite you to join us for lunch! 423 more words


Theme for Our Church This Week is Blessings

A Prayer

The blessings, the beatitudes of Jesus. God bless those who become blessings. You await our blessings.

Blessings to you for earth, sky and sea. 46 more words


Friday Philosophy...Witches

Clearly, I am not talking about the type of fish. :) If that isn’t clear by now, we are in big trouble! To continue my spooky, pre-Halloween theme here, I thought I’d talk about the classic today. 226 more words

New Normal

The Eight Commitments to Sarasvati

I have been pondering my path lately, and come up with an inescapable conclusion: no one religion can give me what I need. Though I still hold to Buddhism as the foundation for my practice, I can’t get away from the large chunks of Shinto that keep worming in, and the pull of Hinduism is still too strong. 406 more words


What is Shen Gong?

We are going to encounter a wide range of opinions and descriptions. We will start with the martial arts, go through the oriental religious and esoteric views, into the New World and the Ancient in search of not just the definition, but also the answer to the question “why do people practice shen gong? 904 more words


An unremarkable, but useful translation of practice

A practice is renewable. Some energy is renewable. Religion is renewable. Mysticism is renewable.

Evil is not renewable. It is a downward spiral. 118 more words


A Spontaneous Reflection on Community

This week brought another final interview and another rejection. I could easily slip back into frustration and insecurity. It’s sitting there in the background, that bit of darkness. 1,138 more words