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The yearning of the soul for God

The yearning of the soul for God
is like the vague memory of a dream
calling us back into the subconscious


Dying On The Low Road


When I walked into Dad’s room at the nursing home, he was writhing in agony and moaning.  He had succeeded in getting his hospital gown off, and was working on the rest of his attire–his diaper–and had the bedclothes tightly twisted around his legs so they stuck out at an unnatural angle. 1,386 more words

Give Up The Need To Know What Happens Tomorrow

One of the things Mastin Kipp talked about last week at his Growing Into Grace book launch was this idea of purpose not being the destination everyone makes it out to be. 230 more words


Adults and Their Dolls

Humans never stop playing with dolls: As children our dolls are synthetic barbies, animals, babies, etc. We clothe them, talk to them, play with them, love them and hate them. 150 more words


Speaking of Stars

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 2:22 p.m. EDT

Curtain Call (1980)

Ex-POW Jessica Lynch starring in Christian film

I get nothing but bad news. It’s nice to hear about a… 278 more words


Art, Science and Richard Dawkins

Recently I finally got around to watching an interview I’ve been told about many times by people on both ‘sides’ of the argument and neither: Richard Dawkins vs. 829 more words


Program Notes: Aristotelian Thought

If you are born in any English-speaking country, you have a Western bias; you are part of Western Civilization. To be Western in any degree includes being Aristotelian. 538 more words