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This Sense of Nature

This sense of nature

Words cannot express this sense of nature and its abundant charm and there are very few who acquiring modern culture retain it. 308 more words


Intermission and Adaptation

I’m discovering that due to my physical limitations and prioritizing the energy I do have for family, I am not able to write every single day. 139 more words


On the earth’s edge

(work in progress, comments and suggestions make me happy)

“You don’t know what you want,” you said
to me, and you’re right. I fought
the most for feeling, and when I felt nothing… 149 more words


Love is a boundless ocean


Love is a boundless ocean, in which the heavens are

but a flake of foam.

Know that all the wheeling heavens are turned by… 206 more words



In all cultures, different faiths enjoin on us to do the same thing – excercise restraint, avoid extremes, abstain, fast, overcome passions, be frugal and thrifty, avoid greed, gluttony and licentiousness, share, give away and be generous rather than become acquisitive, egotistical and centred in serving the body’s demands  for pleasure and unlimited plenty. 1,223 more words


Astronauts Of Ether

We often wonder why souls need to incarnate on the physical plane when in their state of eternal bliss this can only be painful and difficult. 502 more words


Dying Faith

Some people have no faith in a divine order or any universal order for that matter. Others keep moving in and out of faith depending on the latest set of circumstances. 394 more words