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Assumptions: made in China

Kickstarter progress: RiutBag

It feels good to see friends, eat and sleep in a welcoming environment. Thank you Hong Kong. I will give you my full update on the RiutBag Kickstarter progress tomorrow. 1,018 more words

Revolution In User Thinking

Myth-Busting Time!

“Someone who’s a great dancer is going to be good in bed.”

Tessa and I had just arrived at The Bounce, wearing little clothes and big hair, and immediately descended upon the bartenders. 704 more words


Destroying The Narrative: 10 Reasons Why ‘Black Lives Matter’ ALREADY

This is from The Daily Surge.

Debunking the lies that black lives do not matter.

The narrative is black lives matter yet a greater percentage of people hold the signs are white. 643 more words


DEATH OF JESSIE YOUNG, FOUNDER’S WIDOW. Sadly, just as the city was gearing up to celebrate its founding, Joseph Young’s widow, called “Hollywood’s First Lady” died in November, 1955. 2,083 more words

Myth #2: Diabetics Can’t Eat Sugar

I can’t tell you the number of times people have immediately apologised for being “inconsiderate” after offering me a sweet or dessert. Please don’t worry. It’s really ok. 293 more words

the TRUE origin of Thanksgiving Day...

Heads up! This is a repeat from last year…and the year
before that! Yep. I’m STILL lazy! LOL oy

Anyway…I think we should all hail the woman who’s largely… 300 more words

Culinary History

Mythbusting Monday: No Salt at the table is enough

Myth: Avoiding adding salt at the table is the best way to reduce my sodium intake.

Reality: Sodium intake from salt added at the table is only 5% of the average Canadian’s sodium intake. 299 more words

5/15 Rule