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Myth 4 - In India employees have to be managed by fear - Wrong

Earlier this week I had another presentation of “My experiences in India” to one of CodeSealers customer, Bank Data. Bank Data has a smaller setup in India and my former employee and good colleague, Carsten Wurtz today manage the setup in Delhi. 672 more words


Debunking Cancer Myths

Cancer is a painful reality but there are many people who have misconceptions about it from cultural perceptions to pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. What many people don’t know is that a large section of the medical science community is dedicated to fighting cancer and there are always developments in the field that are saving millions of lives. 44 more words


H a l c y o n

Hello World!

In an attempt to bring more creativity into my life; my goal is to start posting more regularly about daily inspirations/things I like/things that make me happy. 104 more words


THE MASKS OF GOD by Joseph Campbell - a never-ending story

I don’t usually post reviews here, but Joseph Campbell and his luminous learning and erudition continue to stun me even after my years as a graduate student–and that’s a long time ago.  324 more words

Book Reviews

My first post! Cracking the Mystery...

Post #1

I’ve never blogged before, but it seems necessary to start now, in case anything happens to me. Do you usually talk about yourself in a blog? 805 more words


by Fiona Lohrbaecher

The giant Bulbowen was as high as the sky and as old as the hills.  For him years were as seconds, centuries as minutes, millenia as hours.   601 more words


Bible Myth Myths

Periodically over the next few weeks I’m going to post a series on Bible Myth Myths.

For centuries, opponents of the Bible have attempted to discredit it by comparing it to pagan mythology.  292 more words