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Hagrid the Friendly Giant

Morning world, I thought I would share with you a dream I had last night about Harry Potter- after watching the films last night…

Yes, I was at Hogwarts, and yes, I was Harry Potter and then suddenly became Voldermort. 227 more words

Old Norse

What Does It Really Feel Like To Give Birth?

“… think of it like someone pulling out four of your teeth with a rusty plier…”

So if you ever wondered about what it feels like to give birth, think of it like someone pulling out four of your teeth with a rusty plier while sitting on your head and holding you chin in place with spiky high heeled shoes. 1,254 more words

Issue of the month! July: Finding yourself

As the two month mark of my travelling adventures and the end of my teenage years approach I’ve been thinking continuously about the concept of ‘finding yourself’.  417 more words

Issue Of The Month

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation - surprise, the world is going to end....again

Since we have the usual claims of “the end times are a-comin’” thanks to the current uptick in world violence, I thought I’d devote a blog entry to the wonderful world of… 653 more words

Not So Polite Dinner Conversation


Region/Concept: Middle East, Myth
Sub-Concepts: Discipline, Inquisition, Magic, Evil, Otherworldliness
Description: Saudi Arabian police force creates special unit for tracking witches.

Theory: If every codification of a law gives rise to the temptation and transgressive possibility of breaking that same law, then it should be no surprise that every totalitarian structure will give rise to a magical underground. 179 more words

Middle East

Q is for the Quest for the Historical Jesus

The Quest for the Historical Jesus is a topic that I am both annoyed and intrigued by. Chalk this reaction up to my evangelical upbringing but I am like a high-schooler in the midst of drama.  516 more words