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Multitasking Is A Myth

November twenty-second, year twenty-fourteen

multitasking is a myth
i dont want any part of it
but it seems thats where i stand
in between the hour and the second hand… 65 more words


Setting the Record Straight - Four Sex Myths Debunked

I think we can all agree that sex is on our minds everyday (19 times per day for men and 10 times per day for women; Fisher, Moore, & Pittenger, 2012). 311 more words

Frankish origins and the Merovingians

While it would be as foolish to attribute a Germanic origin to the modern French language and culture as it would to attribute the same to modern Spain or Italy, ie. 613 more words

The Tale of Spirit and Dragon

The Shadows rose and fell for an age in peaceful rhythm, cast about by the smoky light pouring from the maw of Dragon, old and wise and fierce beyond measure. 524 more words


52 of the World's Most Common Misconceptions Debunked

The Internet has a tendency to perpetuate a lot of misinformation. Similar to how gossip functions, someone will hear an interesting fact and pass it on to the next person and so forth. 163 more words


The Disney Princesses: Women of Faith, Loving Kindness, and Community

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic.” –Cinderella’s mother qtd in the forthcoming live action “Cinderella” film (2014) 992 more words


Ovid, Heroides 5.5-9: Oenone to Paris

“What god has put his power against my prayers?
What crime stops me from remaining yours?
We must bear lightly whatever suffering we’ve earned.
We must mourn the punishment that comes undeserved.” 27 more words