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Into Myth (A Drumming Song)

Stone and bone

leaf and vein

dead howls in the

wolf of night.

Lead me on

through the pain

then back again

into the light. 10 more words

Myth or Miracle?

Is the resurrection of Jesus a myth or a miracle? Did Jesus really die and then come back to life never to die again? In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it became fashionable in certain theological circles to talk about the resurrection of Jesus as an example Christian mythology – a fiction created by believing disciples to celebrate their fallen hero. 597 more words


A Dragon Slayer

Its skin was gold. The beast’s skin was gold! Like the wealth it slumbered in, the precious metal that filled its dark home – the dragon was… 355 more words


Resurrection Garden, Resurrection Feast by Elizabeth Cunningham

In John’s account of the Resurrection, Mary Magdalen mistakes Jesus for the gardener.  Or perhaps it is not a mistake or not just a mistake but also a poetic truth. 746 more words


How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

Go out and Be Great! Be Yourself! Don’t afraid anything!

“Get this to kids who are bullied, to dreamers who fear what others think, to those destined for greatness but who cannot cope with rejection and the slings and arrows of ignorant people. 8 more words



Most of us adjusted our clocks to keep up with The Changing of the Clocks: Daylight Saving Time (“Daylight Time”). And the world keeps on turning. 488 more words


Darren Aronofsky's Noah (2014)

SpoilersDarron Aronofsky’s Noah is an interesting film based on the biblical story of Noah. And of course because of its controversial base text, most reviews and critiques I’ve read are all about the wild creative license the writer has taken to create his film. 1,093 more words