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Phantom of Honshu

My entry in the Flash!Friday contest this week. The photo below was the prompt and you had to include a death. 360 word max per usual. 198 more words

NYC photo series

While on our art trip to New York City our professor assigned us an assignment of taking a series of 10 to 15 photos all with a common theme.   45 more words


Week One: - Rise Of The Morgawr

“A three to four foot diameter object with a ball like head came straight out of the water and rose to a height of some twelve feet above the water’s surface. 388 more words


Old Man Moon

Luna is the classic crescent “Old Man Moon” tonight. She’s atop a totem of celestial bodies climbing from Antares to Mars to our brilliant sliver of light, propelled by the new light of wisdom after her dark nights of the soul. 73 more words


Pausing in the 'messy middle.'*

From Jacinda (who says it better than I can):

…I have tried to reconcile this, deciding if it is worthy to pursue (or too insular), …

75 more words

Be In The Know About What Marriage Is...

People tend to believe that marriage is happily ever after without thinking of all the effort required in making the marriage work. Most people aren’t prepared when the take the big step. 18 more words


I want to shout out!

I would have hanged all the males of our society if u would have given the chance!
It’s not because I have personal issues but it’s regarding our male dominating society. 338 more words

True Words