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A Stone Throw

Pull Over,

And walk twenty yards

From the highway.

Myth is alive,

Movement rustling in darkness,

Light seeping from clouds,

A slight breeze,

A dancing Lehua blossom… 52 more words


Study: Enactment Of Medical Cannabis Laws Not Associated With Higher Crime Rates.

The enactment of medicinal cannabis laws is not associated with any rise in statewide criminal activity and may even be related to reductions in incidences of violent crime, according to data published online in the journal  349 more words

Medical Marijuana

Don't Be Decieved: English Cream Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers come in a wide spectrum of colors. Sometimes they are bred as rare “English Cream” golden retrievers. This upsets me as much as when I hear the term “golden lab”. 820 more words

Golden Retriever

There is a Green Hill......

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here but I’ve been pretty much on pause , thinking about objects in landscape, how we react and interact to them, how we hang and project memories and concepts onto them, how we enculture them.  1,309 more words

Trying to clear a myth

Who doesn’t like a good T-rex-arm-related joke when they are feeling down? But it looks like actually there may be a reason for the weirdly short arms of the terrifying T-rex; they may not have been needed: 79 more words

Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

Many Christians read the Easter stories year upon year, as I did for several decades, yet we never compare them in detail. As a consequence, we often do not realize that they are not telling the same story. 302 more words


Bermuda Triangle : Most Mysterious place on Earth

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, It is located between three countries (United States, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico). This triangle is known as one of the mystified area  because many aircrafts and ships were mysteriously went missing in this triangle. 506 more words