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Hercules With Dwayne Johnson: An Alternative Story of a Demigod (Review/Trailer)

Hercules With Dwayne Johnson: An Alternative Story of a Demigod (Review/Trailer)

The MGM and Paramount feature Hercules, with Dwayne Johnson is an impressive retelling of the legendary myth of a stupendously strong hero in an alternative story of a demigod. 37 more words


Busting brain myths

MASON CITY, Iowa - How much of your brain do you think you really use? That’s the question being asked.

“Probably 80 percent,” said Joe Rosenberg from St. 225 more words


The Purity Myth (Trailer)

This is another controversial presentation on “purity” of women.  For some, there are very simple answers.  For others, it’s a complicated issue.  Again, you decide.

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Purity Myth

Lost girl

“Papu papu!” The little girl yelled as she ran into the living room fresh from her bath. Her grandmother hustled in after her, trying to wrestle the girl into a robe over her nightgown. 484 more words

Writing Prompt

Birth of Venus: in 3 parts


 “Botticelli Hair-Day”

He said the world I inhabit is ugly.  So I let the world revolve around me a while…

Jaha Dukureh: advocate against and survivor of FGM    545 more words


THE LEO NEW MOON ON JULY 26: Your Alliance with the Gods.


New Moon on July 26 is about to entry our earthy existence. As you probably know new moons are potent times to forge new alliances with the gods. 458 more words