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The 'L' word

Love has been transcending as a phenomenon through ages, as the most central of all the feelings and emotions, that the people have known since their existence. 645 more words


Days of Christmas Future

I completed and submitted Regeneration, the 3rd book of the ┬«Evolution trilogy, a week ago. You would think that means I now have lots of time to attend to neglected things like social media updates and blogging, but oh no – because┬áso much has been neglected over the past few weeks and months (company accounts! 1,046 more words

Publishing & Promotion

December: Christmas Ghost Story

The car shakes us as it travels over gravel. I watch the bushes at the side of the road. My head is against the glass of the window. 1,745 more words


Gwendoogle Part XCI - Aphrodite and Venus, Mother and Wild Woman

Just a little mythology for your Sunday night

Flip the Otter searched: Please inform me how much Rick Riordan messed up when he stated that the Goddess of Love is basically the same person in Greek and Roman Mythology? 857 more words


A Creation Myth.

Before existence there was only void.

Within the void there was the potential of three conditions, the condition of pre-existence, the condition of limited expansion and the condition of ceaseless light. 278 more words


Yes Virginia, There Is a Jesus

So I’ve written before about being an atheist who loves Christmas, even the religious aspects of it, and tonight I want to take another crack at explaining why, inspired in parts by a conversation I had today with my mom, … 711 more words

Angels On The Sideline Again

My son and I send each other songs back and forth…there seems to be no shortage of inspiration and awe for life, for each others ever expanding capacities…we are not musicians, but we have musical hearts. 148 more words