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Touched By a Djinn

There is a myth

That if you’re attack by a djinn

A creature capable of warping reality

You live the life you dream about

Perfect fantasy… 85 more words

Five Myths about "Real" Photographers

Are you a “real” photographer? Of course you are! If you love photography, regardless of your level of experience, then you fit the bill. However we have all seen, heard, or maybe even  1,369 more words


The Magnitude of Myth

Since the Tiger-on-the-hill story hit town I have awaited a solid sunny block in the monsoon to return after some years to the story’s exciting origins – PachamaKovil, a temple dedicated to Sri Durga, the goddess representing the inherent dynamic energy through which the supreme consciousness manifests itself. 333 more words


Sang Dewa

Śiva, dilafalkan “shi-wa”. Dewa dari pulau yang berbentuk seperti buah jambu alias Jambudvīpa, India.

Bisa jadi, salah satu dewa utama Hinduisme ini adalah figur spiritual yang punya rentang sebar terluas di dunia. 648 more words

Random Thoughts

In search of the Werewolf.

The mere mention of the Werewolf for many people will conjure up images of a cursed soul whom is destined to turn into a monster under the full moon and hunt for human flesh to satisfy its uncontrollable hunger.  1,354 more words


Late night brainstorming!

I don’t know what to write and from where to start but it’s been long I didn’t update my diary neither my journey of life. Is there any big change which could be mentioned, if nothing is slipped out of mind, No! 139 more words

True Words

What Would You Wear If...You Went Horseback Riding With The Headless Horseman?

Due to the fact that Jenn is moving across the country tomorrow (and she apparently has bad time management skills), she is skipping this post in the name of packing the best clothes, and carefully choosing the items that get left in the closet of forgotten fashions. 440 more words