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# 450 - Speed

I know it’s probably not that interesting but how young do these two look?! Its the first thing that pops into my head when I think about Speed, and if I don’t write it I can’t think of anything else. 89 more words


24 April 2014

A cautionary tale.

What happened if water was alive and conspired to hurt you for fun?

And what if it chose to do so at the most unsuspecting place like….the office pantry? 361 more words

double dip.

A post that has nothing to do with hummus (and a lot to do with men).

Would you give him another shot? (Yes, obviously.) #dishy… 1,068 more words

Fear and Loathing in Camp NaNo

I’m working hard on my novella for Camp NaNo right now. Completely lost in bat country and afraid to stop, I’m gonna make this post… 80 more words