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Mythbusting KronosWorks!

It’s September 30th. I’m pretty much out of ideas for posts, and I can’t just blow stuff up like they do on Mythbusters, but I have some great news! 118 more words

Let's Celebrate Jamie Hyneman's 58th Birthday With Some Explosions

Jamie Hyneman, probably one of the men most responsible over the last ten years for keeping science and scientific inquiry in the mainstream, is 58 today. 325 more words


Day 16: Relative Motion

College-Prep Physics: This year I decided to bring relative motion into my curriculum. It’s a unit in Preconceptions in Mechanics, a book I used a lot last year for introducing different types of forces. 503 more words

College-Prep Physics

Research: To Investigate Systematically

For these series of blog posts, there is an overbearing question to be answered.. “What do you plan to talk about?” This is the first question that inevitably comes to mind when I think of any sort of blog post. 235 more words


Mythbuster: It's Never Too Late to Do What You Love

Society likes to favor the young. Since I wasn’t born a natural prodigy this setup doesn’t exactly play to my strengths. It used to be tempting to play the game of “compare and despair,” but I’ve been learning in my forties that it’s not a game I can win, and it’s not even fun. 188 more words


Research Topic Questions

Main over-arching question:

“Do smaller classes make a positive difference in achievement?”

I plan on researching this question by looking into a number of more specific questions:

208 more words

Mythbusters: Girl's Night in Edition

I have a few ideas for these mythbusters posts. Mainly about explaining female culture to those dazed and confused guys out there. So enjoy and take notes, I’m giving away the big secrets here men. 485 more words