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One More Reason To Not "Give 'em a Dose IV"

I previously wrote over at BoringEM.org about not giving a dose of IV antibiotics for various entities when there is a PO equivalent.  Here is… 194 more words

Improving Outcomes

Voice of Young Science

For any scientific skeptics out there who, like to debunk myths surrounding science with evidence! The folks at Voice of Young Science have been back in touch with the following. 253 more words


Before you walk in the room... BREATHE.

Despite our best efforts, at some point in our careers, we have all read a triage note, saw the name, chief complaint, or history and rolled our eyes or sighed. 330 more words

Improving Outcomes

OER Mythbusting! | Busting myths about open education.

new #OER myth busting guide, created as part of our European OER policy project w/ @creativecommons http://t.co/cci1Fdtapp #EdDigEra

Source: mythbusting.oerpolicy.eu See on Scoop.itOER and OEP


Mythbusting Social Media

Are you having trouble convincing the clergy, churchwardens or the congregation that setting up social media accounts for your church is a good thing? Or are you wondering yourself why your church needs one? 622 more words


Converts to scepticism / agnosticism

“…they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

Some time ago I mentioned that two prominent climate sceptics, Anthony Watts and Patrick Moore, were originally active believers in the climate change cause and subsequently changed their minds and became sceptical. 3,057 more words

The Origin of Words (Part V: Pupil)

Why are pupils of the eye and school pupils spelt and said the same? are they linked? I certainly haven’t heard of there being a connection. 425 more words