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Weight loss: Does calorie counting really work? Part 2: Calories Out


Have you ever walked in the gym and seen people in the treadmill logging in countless minutes running? It’s actually a pretty common sight. In fact, if you go to a park or even in the streets, you’ll probably see people running. 932 more words


Moslem mayhem and myth busting

What is attracting the moslem men to jihad, their holy war? 
Is it the promise of 72 virgins?
Well, they are commanded to wage jihad in the koran. 246 more words


Happy holidays (or at least, suicide free)!

It is commonly believed that most suicides occur around the holidays, but that’s just a myth: in fact, statistics prove the opposite.


Mythbusting: guillotine edition

Everybody knows that the most popular method of execution during the French Revolution was the guillotine: there are though quite a few urban legends about it that the majority of people accepts as true. 69 more words


Weight loss: Does calorie counting really work? Part 1: Calories In


Calorie counting is predicated on the idea that weight management is a matter of “calories in and calories out”. This thought follows the law on thermodynamics; to produce energy we must take in energy. 1,141 more words


sunscreen: some myth-busting, inc. limits to the practicality and safety of DIY

The Beauty Brains (2014-08-20):
Some nice mythbusting: yes, you should wear sunscreen and no, it doesn’t make you vitamin D deficient.
(In “sunscreen” one should include all things protecting / screening you from the sun, including clothes, shade, and other avoidance.) 106 more words


Beliefs, mythbusting and the role of careers work.

Myths can useful, for example when I was very young and getting into mischief I was told Santa would find out and I wouldn’t be getting any presents.  1,348 more words