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Time to stop dating MONA?

This is a bit of “Not quite evidence as its not published yet,” but was presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions this past week. 277 more words


Mythbusting - The Homepage

by Ellen

A lot of importance is placed on a website’s homepage. Or specifically, using the homepage to promote something. As the last Mythbusting post has shown… 389 more words


Unravelling the Weave of Time, Part the 4th

Assumptions and bias where you might not expect.

with the discovery of the patterns in daylight, I played around a lot with the images. It illustrated how heavily our cultural bias is weighed by the perspective of the northern hemisphere – not the southern, or even the tropics, or the high arctic. 330 more words

Calendar Reform

The State of the Colon Address

A history of “uncomplicated acute diverticulitis” :

- In the beginning, there was “PO therapy is equivalent to IV therapy.”

- Then, there was, “Short course of antibiotics similar to long courses of antibiotics! 254 more words

Improving Outcomes

Two Days Left: DISCOUNT on 'Pizza for Good' in Print

You may have seen the tweets flying around the interwebs, talking up the promotion to take $3 off Pizza for Good in print:


105 more words
Pizza For Good

Why we're ditching the homepage carousel

by Lucy

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that our new homepage design is going to be very different.

We’ll be replacing the carousel that we currently use as a promotional space with a large hero image. 433 more words


Flooded with Ignorance - Running in Circles

We are at the end of our lengthy series briefly refuting Eric Hovind's and Ben Schettler' top ten list of flood “evidences.” I'm not a scientist so I am confident I have made errors in my posts but I can say with a greater degree of confidence that any errors I've committed are far less in number than those of Hovind and Schettler, neither of whom are scientists. 770 more words