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Pregnancy & Pyelonephritis...

You are seeing a twenty-something female, who presents for back pain & abdominal pressure x 3 days, and “felt warm” today.  You quickly diagnosis her with pyelonephritis, complicated by her new diagnosis of pregnancy.  662 more words

Improving Outcomes

The Tudors, Artistic Licence and Outright Fictions

I love The Tudors, I probably shouldn’t, but I really do. The history is so ridiculous and mashed together and I wonder why at various times they make up stuff when the actual history is far more interesting and dramatic, but the acting is good and the costumes are stunning. 1,050 more words


Good thing you caught that Chest Cold early.

There has been recent discussion in the #FOAM world in regards to labeling otherwise benign conditions (such as GERD in pediatrics) and the patient & family perception requiring medications for this. 212 more words

Improving Outcomes

National Medical Librarians Month - Myth Busting Edition!

In honor of National Medical Librarians Month, let’s bust some information myths with the help of the Medical Library Association!

Myth: The internet is a highly reliable source of information. 331 more words

Myth of Particular Harm

The other myth that I mentioned in my previous blog post is about how alcohol affects body temperature. Many people believe that alcohol raises body temperature because of the warm sensation they get from drinking, however this turns out to be exactly the opposite of what is actually occurring in the body (Soloman, 1989). 634 more words


General Myth Busted

For this mythbusting blog, I will be talking about two different psychological myths that are relevant today. One of the myths is on a general topic related to the brain. 847 more words


Introductory Post

Hi everyone,

My name is Erika Collins and I am a senior at Westminster College. Currently I am taking an “Introduction to Psychology” course. I created this blog for one of the projects we are working on, which relates to psychological myths. 85 more words