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Do Registered Dietitians eat ice cream?

Yes, registered dietitians eat ice cream.

Especially pregnant RDs.

Especially on free cone day.

Ice cream can be enjoyed in reasonable portions, now and then.  Nothing is forbidden.


Eats & Drinks

Peacefully Passing in the ED.

I’ve often half-jokingly stated that I believe we treat our pets better than our family at the end of life.  Our beloved Fido dies after a run on the beach, a steak dinner, and with a slug of morphine.   331 more words


Spotting neuro nonsense

Behold a rare species. A TED talk that slays simplistic, faddish scientism rather than propogating it:

Most PO antibiotics are equivalent to their IV counterpart.

If you have ever said to a patient – and meant it – that they needed to stay for “antibiotics in the IV” and you were not giving CefeVancoSyn, read further and take your educational beating.   347 more words

Improving Throughput

Things That Are Not True About Alaska

So here we are! In exactly one month we will be in Alaska (we’re spending a week in LA before heading out). Things have been super hectic with balancing work, packing up the apartment, and gathering supplies. 502 more words

SBO, NGTs, and Primum non Nocere

You just got the call from radiology that your pleasant, frail 88 year old patient has an obstruction secondary to adhesions. There is no evidence of mesenteric ischemia on CT. 342 more words

Improving Outcomes

Why would you want to dance around in white pyjamas anyway?

When I was about 15 I used to really enjoy asking one question about school. It’d go something like ‘when are we going to use this anyway?’ My maths teacher at the time always said I was doing well to ask, and then gave me more homework. 666 more words