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The latest on gluten and IBS

To follow up on “A balanced look at gluten sensitivity” that was posted on Science-Based Medicine in August, we look at the latest results presented on the role of gluten and FODMAPs in IBS. 1,786 more words


Flooded with Ignorance - Sink, Sank, Sunk

Last time we looked at Ben Schettler's claim that a lack of erosion inbetween layers points to a world-wide flood. Now we move on to one of the more ridiculous claims Hovind and Schettler make. 695 more words

Young Earth Creationism

Long live lefties

It is commonly believed that right-handed people live averagely up to 9 years longer than left-handed. The myth started with a paper published in 1988 based on a statistical artefact, and recent studies proved that left handedness has nothing to do with mortality.


"So Doc, what are we doing about this patients blood pressure?"

The next patient in the rack was sent by WebMD after their new iHealth Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor told them to come to the ED because their blood pressure was at “stroke level.” … 688 more words

Improving Outcomes

Eat more FAT to lose weight

Ask anyone on how to lose weight and most would say, go on a low-fat diet. For decades, nutritionists have been advocating that fat is bad for you as it causes metabolic syndrome leading to obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 441 more words


UCG Mythbusting

#Myth 1
‘UCG is not the same as fracking so don’t worry about it…’

UCG (short for Underground Coal Gasification) is not the same process as fracking -but that’s hardly a recommendation! 476 more words


So did you pass out, or almost pass out?

Recently, @EBMGoneWild brought up this great article on Twitter.  @EMSwami hit the nail on the head:  It’s time we thought about pre-syncope in the same way we think of syncope. 662 more words

Improving Outcomes