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The Adversary (Saga of The Exiles #4) - Julian May (1984)

‘The Firvulag are rising, while the children of the metapsychic rebels race to reopen the time-gate, the sole escape route back into the Galactic Milieu. 425 more words


Lucifer Dismantled: The Final Fall

The mere mention of lucifer often strikes dread in the heart of believers, and also arouses the scent of burning sulfur and justified punishment. Lucifer is seemingly for ever synonymous with Satan; although, the two words are not entirely equivalent to each other. 1,003 more words


Archaic Plagiarism: Judeo-Christian Tales

A fellow Facebooker once told me of a film called “Zeitgeist: The Movie.” It didn’t seem familiar, so I was obliged to research more. Turns out, it’s a nastily constructed attempt at proving Jesus was a plagiarized myth; 96% of the film was pure poppycock—but there was a lonely 4% which fluttered within my eye sockets as something beautiful. 1,385 more words