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Tarot Hero’s Journey: The Hanged Man

The next step on our journey to awakening is The Hanged Man. A young man hangs upside down from a T-shaped tree. His hands are tied behind his back but he is serene and his head is surrounded by a halo of light. 422 more words



A man of beauty
A temptation of insanity
With looks of perfect perfection
He was cursed with vanity
He is Narcissus
And his only desire can only be freed in… 10 more words

Love and Longing in Art: Echo and Narcissus

In Book III of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, he tells the story of Echo, the talkative mountain nymph, and Narcissus, the vain youth from Thespia. 812 more words

Ideas Log

Rosemary - a super awesome Herb!

I find rosemary useful in almost all situations. When i’m making food or if i’m stuck on the roof, it always comes to the rescue. But what is this magic herb and what can u actually use it for?



Now Hel’s abode was beneath the second root of Yggdrasil,
There cast down by Odin, where a portion of the dead are taken.
In winter’s maw she dwelt, within the hall of Éljúðnir. 643 more words

Creative Writing

The magic bottle #WPW

This comes from one of the writing exercises in Writing The Paranormal Novel by Steven Harper.  Basically, you create a magical object, complete with it’s history, it’s benefits and drawbacks, etc. 324 more words