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Letters From the Earth

Lettere della terra (Letters From the Earth), photo by Roberto Kusterle, 2004

A Goddess, not a God, was usually credited with the invention of alphabetical letters. 317 more words


A History Of Roses

Roses are undoubtedly one of the world’s most favourite and loved flowers, and have been a staple in floristry for many years. The different feelings and emotions that the range of colours and types of roses convey means that they can be used for a variety of events and celebrations, ensuring their popularity with florists and flower lovers alike. 587 more words


Flash Movie Review: Hercules

The strongest ones seemed to be the biggest jerks as far as I can remember. They were athletically inclined; able to throw or hit a ball harder than anyone else. 424 more words


Share Your World: Interview with Artemis

Is it Tuesday again already? Well it is in my hemisphere of the world, and that means it’s time for another interview with one of the characters from my upcoming novel… 655 more words


"Don Juan"

“I’ve been Narcissus–gazing at the pool,
Enchanted by the ghost reflected there,
Manipulating others like a tool
So they’ll assure me that my type is rare. 78 more words

Immortal Verse

Book Reviews July 2014

I almost didn’t post this because it’s so close to the end of the month, but figured I should share what I’ve written so far. I’m ridiculously far behind in writing reviews, mostly because I’ve been feeling so burned out lately and not at all like writing. 2,798 more words

Lady-Directed Horror Films

Ida Lupino, a classic film-era ingenue, directed one of my favorite tense thriller films, “The Hitch-hiker” in 1953. Though it wasn’t her directorial debut, her work in the genre resonates into contemporary horror film-making. 1,198 more words