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"Since This is Our First Experience With Demonic Ninjas, We're Thinking We Should Play it Safe."

All right, folks. I have finally caught up — this is the last Teen Wolf recap you will be subjected to until summer, when Season 4 comes out. 6,569 more words


The Pole Shift And The Freezing Of The Old Homelands, As Told In Sumerian, Finn-Ugor And Iranic Myths

These are the precursors to the events which eventually lead to the great floods, that affected the whole planet.
The Sumerians left behind legends about the gods and their early settlement as told in the “Barton Tablets”. 1,128 more words

History And Archeology

Longing of the Sea


Shame, scorning shame.
Adulteress, they mock, caught in the act!
Yet with her head held high 
She ponders as though they
Had not seen her in her prime. 121 more words


As much as I enjoy reading fictional novels, I’ve always wanted the extra bit of down time to read biographies, history books, and other non-fiction. Then, I realized I could actually nab that extra  time during my commute. 242 more words

Good Reads

Book Trailer for SOLSTICE by P. J. Hoover

Solstice by P. J. Hoover is being billed as “dystopia meets mythology” in many reviews.  I wanted to learn more, but a student checked it out within five minutes of it being on the shelf.  23 more words

YA Fiction

Exalted Parasites

by Razzak Qavin

I really don’t understand why some of these foreigners worship their “gods”. I mean, sure, they’re powerful, but is that really enough? They can do some pretty amazing things compared to me or you, but so do I when compared some primitive, uncontacted tribe. 547 more words


Movie Review: Thor: Dark World!

Thor Dark World is the second in the Marvel Universe of great comics films. Marvel continues their excellent portrayal of their universe picking up where we left off with the last Avengers film. 406 more words

Comic Books!