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#6 The Myth of Me and You Part 1

Perhaps You Better Start At The Beginning…..

Myth has proved to be something of a problematic entity. Attempts to define it have included superstitious beliefs about supernatural beings or deities or embellished stories that are accounts of actual events and even an instruction manual of ancient, immutable truths for the transcendence of the human soul. 404 more words


Digital Art - Ancient Hydra - Poetry

I found you on main street
ancient monster …
you have aged well!


The Horse Goddess Epona

Relief of Epona from Roman Macedonia

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To be continued


Falling Stars and Black Stone: Humanity’s Worship of Meteorites

NASA’s Curiosity rover recently discovered a massive metal meteorite on the surface of Mars. The first encounter of its type, the two meters (6.5 feet) wide iron… 720 more words

You Name It

Review: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk

The book The Spiral Dance is considered a classic in modern witchcraft literature.  The author Starhawk put this book out at a time when there was little to no information published publicly on Witchcraft and people were starving for information.  1,248 more words

Neo Pagan Witchcraft

The Poetic Edda, trans. by Carolyne Larrington

The further I delve into Norse literature, the more delighted I become. Reading this translation of some of the oldest works that are on offer has only continued this trend: there is no better way to devour these eddic poems than striding back and forth in the style of great poets, reading aloud to oneself (and one’s assembled inanimate or predominantly feline audience). 247 more words