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"hermes - an open letter"

(incredibly light-hearted poem about Hermes, an Olympian God of Greek mythology)

I am Hermes: the messenger god.

My father, Zeus, is also my boss. 367 more words


Art at an Old Age

Recently, on a visit to relatives, my brother glanced at me and said, “Growing old is tough.” I agreed, though “tough” is probably too mild a word, the reality deserving something more visceral, definitely more chilling. 272 more words


Myths and Legends

The Myths and Legends site has many stories, mostly from England,and there are many things you can do.

You could start with the Myth Map… 108 more words

Language Learning

Social Media is NOT a Source of Info!

Like normal societies, e-societies, or social media, tend to “spread the word” when the word is accepted by the public, or based on what is accepted by the public, be it wrong or right. 380 more words


The Power of Story

It’s time to revisit The Great Adventure Manifesto, in which I try to spell out what I believe, and my marching orders for my writing from this point on. 989 more words


The Hunt for a pair of Mythical Scottish Sea Creatures

Hey Guys.

Yesterday me and my family got up at the ridiculous hour of 6 in the morning to go on a road trip. But this wasn’t any old road trip, no, we were on the hunt for mythical Scottish sea creatures. 251 more words

Believing in Myths

Someone has been vandalizing my town with the word, “believe,” written in lovely calligraphy. Tinkerbell, perhaps? Regardless, I am a spiritual partner in this crime, because I quite approve. 774 more words