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Myths and Legends

I love to read the stories
And legends of long ago
Fables and allegories
The words how they flow Myths of gods and goddesses 266 more words

Vegetarian & Vegan: An Ethical Divide

I want to tread carefully here in attempting to clear up a durable and damaging myth. I often hear people talk about vegetarians and vegans in the same breath, as though they’re almost one and the same with only trifling differences. 575 more words


A lawyer debunks five myths about beating traffic tickets

By: Mark Frauenfelder

If a cop doesn’t show up for court, your ticket will be dismissed: false. If you overpay your ticket by one penny the ticket will not go on your record: false. 181 more words



It was such a tiny thing, a speck of a thing, all alone in a soup of darkness. And it was hungry, so very hungry. All it had known in its short life had been this terrible, gnawing emptiness. 324 more words

Short Stories

Reading & Re-reading: Embers + the Darren and the Crows


“It began with a star.”

This is a short myth telling of the ‘birth’ of the Darren. He is created when a star falls to earth, but rather than burning up and dying, the star and the earth form a being of stone and fire. 477 more words


Chapter 8: San Florian

Everything in San Florian was wrong. The language felt thick and strange on Puaura’s tongue. The air smelled, not of salt and sand, but of spices and people and dank buildings made of clay and stone. 402 more words

Sims 3

Part 7/7 Who was Jesus? /A Synthesis/The Shroud of Turin ~ Scaruffi

Who was Jesus?

And what was Jesus’ name? “Jesus” simply means “Savior” in hebrew, just like “Christ” is the Greek for “anointed” (a term used in the Old Testament for many kings). 986 more words

Belief Systems