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The turkey is a curious bird
And there’s a tale quite often heard
Of how this hapless, weak birdbrain
Looks up, agape, and drowns in rain. 175 more words



Mike eats two pounds of uni every day. The last time we went diving, he managed to spire his foot on a crown-of-thorns. He was hobbling around for weeks like a clown wearing bricks for shoes. 46 more words


Fact or Fiction? Skin Care Addition

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Don’t let skin care myths get you down.

Skin care dos and don’ts are thrown at us left and right, but following all of this supposedly great advice might actually do more harm than good.  352 more words

Dry Skin

What's a Grandmother Moon? And... Announcing Preorders of Grandmother Moon eBook!

Many Native American Indians call the moon Grandmother Moon. To me personally, it is a sign of respect, a reverence for nature and the wisdom of nature. 232 more words

Children's Stories

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Storytelling is a very delicate art, especially when the subjects are children and toddlers. Brief but refreshing even to someone of my age. You really have the X-factor in this profession. Thank you for sharing.

Gifty Things!

We’ve got some lovely new things in the shop, to go with our best-selling posters. Mugs!

Strips from our Theseus and Orpheus comix to enjoy as you drink your tea, coffee, or wintry hot chocolate. 63 more words

Greek Myth

Marigold Myths

Although the sunny annuals have been used in this capacity for many generations, little documentation exists showing marigolds actually repel insects. In fact, they may attract harmful pests damaging not only the marigolds but also your vegetables. 240 more words