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Top 5 Vision Myths Debunked

For my first post, I thought I’d debunk the top 5 myths about vision:


Carrots are chock-full of vitamin A (as beta carotene) which has popularly been believed to be good for your eye health as well as your acuity. 368 more words

Eye Health


“Mother, did any one see God creating things?

Mother, if child births are painful,

Why didn’t God put the womb on males?

Mother, Why don’t all living things work by day? 118 more words

World Blog Tour

I want to thank Sia Marion for inviting me to the World Blog Tour. Sia posted a blog on how she writes on July 15, and I enjoyed reading about how she crafts her stories. 942 more words


Debunking 8 myths about organization culture

As a leader understanding the culture in your organizational is extremely important. Why you might ask? Readers, it is because on one hand cultural norms determine how the organization will define leadership; on the other hand, unique talent of leaders is to create and manage culture and destroy it when it is dysfunctional. 470 more words



Think about the word, autism. I mean, please, really stop and write down what are the top three, unfiltered words that come to your mind when you see the word. 509 more words


Endymion Recalls

He was a spirit long dead. Along the gloomy, unlit halls of his former home, he wandered with soft and slippered tread. The gilded oval mirrors hanging along the panelled walls caught a pale and passing shadow upon their polished surfaces whenever he glided by; the inhabitants of the house sometimes recalled feeling the eerie cool of an unnatural breeze that would momentarily caress their shoulders as they walked through the gallery upstairs. 889 more words


Recruitment: An Insiders View

Every student leaves University with stars in their eyes, you can’t wait to start in a perfect job and make a lot of money. This was no different in my case, I studied hard and I was ready to walk into an advertising agency, work from 8 to 5 and earn a pretty penny to spend in Zara and Country Road…I mean that is what working life is like? 702 more words