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Fetal Dream

Last night, I dreamed of a fetus (born two months before expected time) stored in chocolate chip cookies for incubation. He/she was a baby of a farmer mother  with whom I was living for 14 days as a part of a community development program I had joined as a volunteer social worker. 147 more words



Oil on Canvas 120cm x 90cm

Why projects are the best way to learn.

I finished reading Daisy Christodoulou’s ‘Seven Myths About Education’ a few weeks back now. This is a book that can appear controversial and is possibly a little bit provocative for the sake of publicity. 890 more words


Writing Adventures: Motivation

Writing is hard.

Sitting at your desk, throwing down a thousands of words over a period of weeks, months, or years, is hard. Nobody ever said it would be easy. 281 more words


American Myths???

<WARNING: This post includes some strong opinions and is likely going to offend. If you are easily offended, move along. If you are open-minded, continue!> 748 more words


Bat-Hammy > Super Hammy

Yes, I know that whole we only use 10% of our brain is a myth.  The thing is, myths can be funny.  The Greek Gods? Aren’t they really just a bunch of trailer-park in-bred rednecks in togas?   6 more words

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