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Fairies, 1st High School of Xanthi, Greece

Fairies in Andros

Mountain, feared the fairies that meets the crossroads at 12 noon or 12 at night, so no one went out of there lest somethingbad happen. 229 more words

1st High School Of Xanthi

Things That Inspired My Newest Short Story

“A mermaid is itself a kind of sex. A moving thing, without legs.
…the banker was dreaming.
Of mermaids. Ominous how the green light looked… 50 more words

Fairy Tales

Split the Difference

As the last of my holidays for the summer comes to an end, I seem to be heading into busy times. I have an exciting book festival coming up in October – The Encounters Festival. 284 more words

Connections: Apollo and Daphne and Perfume

I love it when this happens. 

Just after I was pondering the beauty of Bernini’s sculpture, I walked into my Year 11 IB class today and my mentoring teacher had given the students a handout with this painting of Apollo and Daphne on it.  224 more words

The Daemons watch from the surface. They gaze through the water of their fountains like it’s a deep ocean.

They lust for flesh, and crave uninhibited violence. 556 more words


Yahoo's "7 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For You"; a response.

I’m going to try really REALLY hard to not make everything I write here about annoying nutrition myths.  I promise.

But this makes me crazy. 1,778 more words