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The magical, mystical attraction of guns

“Americans have a God-given right to carry guns” “Like” if you agree.

Of course, the facebook post got about 300,000 “Likes,” causing me to wonder, yet again, about the quality of the cognitive machinery grinding away between the ears of my fellow Americans. 496 more words

Human Nature

Swan Lake

On a steep hillside, overlooking the Firth of Forth, near its mouth at Dunbar, lies a hidden loch. Cloaked on all sides by the remnants of the ancient oak woods of Lothian, it has side stepped the passage of time. 530 more words


Myths, Tales, Folkore, and Fairies

Greetings, my beloved, estranged, and neglected blog!

A lot of things have been happening in my life these past few months which I will blame entirely on my absence and not my extreme lack of self-control and questionable work ethic. 415 more words


Pumping it at Schlitterbahn

Last weekend Aaron and I went to Schlitterbahn with his family for some fun in the sun. (For those of you who do not know, Schlitterbahn is the best waterpark in Texas.) I was ecstatic. 321 more words

Advanced Diabetes Management

Mythology, History, and "Legitimacy"

I was really into mythology as a kid. Greco-Roman at first, then Egyptian, then Norse. I don’t even know where I first learned about it; I genuinely have no idea. 1,180 more words


#iPGN: Common Myths You Should Stop Believing About Your Electronic Gadgets

It seems like ages ago since the Nokia 3310 was the phone of choice for Nigerians. Yet between that phone and the iPhone 5s, we still know so little about how these technologies work. 411 more words