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April Elegy

It snowed the day after our parents paid taxes.
The water bowl froze and the puppy
whined by the door in the dark until
dad or maybe mom in dad’s boots… 150 more words

Cameron Steele

Drink tons of water (and other horrible exercise advice)

Have you seen this guy in the gym lately?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a big fan of exercise, and a big fan of strength training in particular.  2,180 more words




timeless words


we’re sleepwalking

in loveless union

touching each other

radiating illusions


I’m a silent sigh

penetrating imaginary boundaries




His brother was home. The beauty he had brought with him had left a lingering, captivating scent once the pair of them had rushed to their chambers after the council. 810 more words


4 Myths About Dubai

I can’t believe I’ve already been here for THREE WEEKS! That’s insane. My adventure is almost halfway over! So now that I’ve been immersed in the culture for a little while, let’s get to the good stuff… 1,235 more words


Popular Misconceptions Vol. 1

Considering the fact that this blog is titled, “Humor Me,” it’s obvious it’s self-serving and indulgent, but occasionally I try to give back. That’s why I’m taking the time to debunk a few popular ideas that have gained traction despite being nothing more than mere myths and Hollywood hokum. 868 more words


Caught on film, or not--The Cottingley Fairies

by Denise Golinowski

Hi! Welcome to Myth Perceptions where I explore and then share aspects of myth and legend that I have encountered in my reading and writing. 439 more words

Denise Golinowski