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NFL SEEKS RULE CHANGE by Nicholas Garton


This week the NFL competition committee will meet to discuss possible rules changes for the upcoming season. Certainly the biggest and most controversial proposal that will be voted on is a new rule that would allow referees to penalize players for using the N-word. 1,004 more words

Why I decided to give up the N Word.

I fought long and hard and often for the word “Nigga” to be used exclusively between Black people only, as a term of endearment that symbolized our power as a community to take something that originated in pure hatred, and make it into something positive. 819 more words

N is for the N-word

I posted this blog, originally in 2012, and the situation was resolved with apologies from the teacher & the school, but I still feel it’s worth a re-read. 975 more words


My N***a, My N***a

Who gets to say it? Who gets to use it? Is it derogatory or is it cool among your peers? If someone of another race says it what are the penalties if any? 407 more words

Dear reader who never asked my opinion on the N word

Look I am not going to be a hypocrite and say things like
“no no no only black people can say the word Nigger/Nigga”
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The 'N' Word

I think that the ‘N’ word should not be used by anyone who doesn’t personally relate to the word. I think that it is okay for black people to say the word because, I feel like, when they say it they are trying to desensitize other black people from it, in most cases. 539 more words