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Call Me Fat, I Dare You

If you have grown up in in the United Kingdom, America, or most other western nations you will probably be well aware that some words, phrases and topics are taboo to some races or other groups. 836 more words


Chuck D Says He's Not Feeling Ms. I.G.G.Y

Chuck D has never been one to hold his tongue. And he once again proved that in his latest Twitter rant, he expresses another example of his disappointment and disgust with this generation’s usage of the N-word.  110 more words

Our New Vocabulary

Seems like the Politically Correct Police Force (self-anointed) has succeeded in changing our vocabulary by deleting some words and creating new words that have the exact same meaning. 596 more words

Political Correctness

White Folk and the N-Word: Use at Your Own Risk!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” That’s what we were taught as children, but as adults, we now know that was some nursery-rhyme bullshit! 917 more words



Good ol’ Roman Atwood is up to his tricks again. We’re all aware that there is one word you should never say to or in front of any Afro-American and should you happen to let it slip in their presence - whether it was aimed at them or not – you are likely to catch a beat down of gangster proportions. 48 more words


N-Word Prank

Normally when you see a video titled “N-Word Prank” you start questioning what is going on in the video right? Well in this video the N-word used is neighbour and not the racial slur Nigga. 96 more words


Post-Racial America: President Obama Called The N-Word In Newspaper Headline (PHOTOS)

So this happened.

A New York publication was forced to apologize after publishing an opinion piece written by James Lincoln Collier, which was entitled: “The N***** in the White House.” 341 more words